You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift lyrics

Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania) is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Swift is a 10-time Grammy winner with a total of 31 nominations (Feb 2018). As of July 2015, Swift has sold 40 million albums and 130 million singles worldwide.Taylor Swift is that rarest of pop phenomena: a superstar who managed to completely cross over from country to the mainstream. Other singers performed similar moves – notably, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson both became enduring mainstream icons based on their '70s work – but Swift shed her country roots like they were a second skin; it was a necessary molting to reveal she was perhaps the sharpest, savviest populist singer/songwriter of her generation, one who could harness the Zeitgeist and turn it personal and, just as impressively, perform the reverse.

Taylor Swift - Can I Go With You?

Taylor Swift - Lucky You

There's a little girl in this little town With a little too much heart to go around Live forever, never say never You can do

Taylor Swift - Here You Come Again

Here you come again Just when I'm about to get myself together You waltz right through the door Just like you've done before And wrap my

Taylor Swift - 1989 (2014)

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift (2006)

Taylor Swift - Made Up You

Your feet under the table I love it when they're touching mine Your hands make the ? cradle To tell me everything is fine All I

Taylor Swift - The Outside

I didn't know What I would find When I went lookin' for a reason I know I didn't read Between the lines And baby I've got nowhere to

Taylor Swift - I Need You

{Taylor} I'm all alone and it's too dark I need a man on my mark In times like these I still need a guy Nick you

Taylor Swift - Need You Now

Need you now Read letters that I wrote on the wall And the message I left on my car Need you now Word I said drowned

Taylor Swift - Christmases When You Were Mine

Please take down the mistleoe 'Cause I don't wanna think about that right now Cause everything I want is miles away In a snow covered

Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry

All this time I was wasting Hoping you would come around I've been giving out chances every time And all you do is let me

Taylor Swift - Sounds Of The Season

Taylor Swift - Your Anything

I betchya lie awake at night Tryin' to make up your sweet mind Wonderin if you'll ever find Just what you want A home-town number one Or

Taylor Swift - Christmas Must Be Something More

What if ribbons and bows didn't mean a thing Would the song stil survive without 5 golden rings Would you still wanna kiss without

Taylor Swift - Thank You

spoken: This one goes out to all my fans! I'd just like to say How everyday You guys make life rock I depend on you For your support And

Taylor Swift - Missing You

Taylor (spoken): Let me tell you a little bit about Tyler Hilton Um, I met him a couple months ago Doing a show out in

Taylor Swift - You Do

Do you still have that dream, That dream of you and me, The dream that got us this far, That got us to where we

Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It?

Taylor Swift - 22

It feels like a perfect night To dress up like hipsters And make fun of our exes Ah-ah, ah-ah It feels like a perfect night For breakfast

Taylor Swift - Cold As You

You have a way of coming easily to me And when you take, you take the very best of me So, I start a

Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You

Friday night beneath the stars In a field behind your yard You and I are painting pictures in the sky And sometimes we don't say