What About Us P Nk lyrics


P!nk is a stylisation of Pink, a pseudonym of singer songwriter Alecia Beth Moore (b. 8 Sep 1979, in Doylestown, PA, USA), who gained prominence in early 2000. She has sold over 16 million albums in the United States, over 43 million worldwide, and has won three Grammy awards.P!nk began her career as an RnB artist, signed to the predominately urban label, LaFace Records. She has since complained that because she chose to relinquish creative control to her record label, she did not like the type of music she was making at that time, and did not like her image, which included bright Pink hair.

G-Eazy - Power ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo

[Chorus: P-Lo] Ooh, I'm high off the power Ooh, she gone off the powder Ooh, she want it up louder Yeah, yeah, I'm high off the

P!nk - 'Cuz I Can

Woo hoo rock and roll, raw raw All right I drink more then you And party harder than you do And my car is faster

P!nk - P! NK Noise Disco

I'm coming up so you better get this party started... (I'm coming up you'd better) I'm coming up so you better get this party

P!nk - (UnCensuredled Track)

I have seen the rain I have felt the pain I don't know where I'll be tomorrow I don't know where I'm going I don't even

P!nk - 18 Wheeler

Hey hey man, what's your problem I see you try hurt me bad Don't know what your up against Maybe you should reconsider Come up with

P!nk - When We're Through

I woke up one early evening and I knew I was alone Did the sun come up or did it rain again I'll

Stargate - Waterfall

I'm in your waterfall I'm in your waterfall I'm in your waterfall Oh, I'm in the jungle now You've been seeking, I've been hiding out Use your

Kamelot - What About Me

It was just another night She held me in Her arms so tight We were dreaming with the Stars in our eyes But I never realized Like The

Kenny Chesney - Setting The World On Fire

Yeah we got drunk on La Cienega Boulevard Takin' pictures of people we thought were stars It's easy to give in to your heart When

The Killers - Forget About What I Said

We used to tear it down But now it just exists The things that I did wrong I bet you got a list Now I

Too $hort - About That Money

(Puffy) Yo Short man I was with this chick last night She was like, hey Diddy, ummm Diddy Why you so motherfuckin' fly I had to tell

The Fall - To NK Roachment

Full credit Everyday you have to die some Everyday you have to cry some For the rumour All the good times are past and gone Wipe the

Missy Elliott - Dat's What I'm Talking About

(Missy) Uh Ah! Have you ever been in the mind of a virgin? It gets hot and curious (And ooaaa) Well let me take you there Are you

Pink Floyd - P•U•L•S•E (film) (1995)

P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (2017)

P!nk - What I Need

Check it out, so though No more, not this time, not again You told me everything would get along But everything is falling apart Now if

All About Eve - What Kind Of Fool

Can't see the wood for all of the trees Can't hear the wind for the breeze that whispers Voice in your head... you like

P!nk - Is This Thing On?

P!nk - Chaos & Censured

I thought that you were driving But you've given me the wheel There's rain clouds out there That you don't wanna feel Your anger's like a

P!nk - Good Old Days

One, two, three, four, Five years go by I don't really know why I don't really know why Seven, eight, nine, Eleven years go by I don't really

P!nk - My Signature Move

I've got a way Of making everything a confrontation And you've got a way Of bringing out the worst in me You see it's just if

P!nk - The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive

The King is dead, But the Queen is alive Off with his head, I am done with his lies A fair win, I have fought for my

Genesis - Not About Us

A little piece of something Falling gently down down down No one understands you like I do I'd rather be beside you Everything we know so