Victoria Feat Radu Sirbu lyrics

Victoria Feat. Radu & Sirbu


Victoria Beckham - It's That Simple

You're not the only one knocking down my door (It's that simple) And I know that we've had this conversation before (It's that

Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim

Adir adirim barukh Gadol g'dolim dagul Hadur hadurim vatik Zakai zaka'I'm hanun Tahor t'horim yashar Kabir kabirim la'ad Melekh m'lakhim nora Somekh som'khim 'ozer Podeh p'duyim tzadik Kadosh k'doshim rahum Shomer shom'rim

Dylan Owen - Ghosts Revisited

Radu Sîrbu - Whap-Pa

Baby, oricât n-aş vrea Eşti in mintea mea Chiar de nu iţi doreşti Tot mai mult ma indragostesc Ochisorii ma privesc Buzişoarele îmi zâmbesc

Radu Sîrbu - Doi Străini

Strada-i pustie noaptea e tarzie Numai in geamul tau lumina arde Odata ma iubeai la nebunie Iar astazi eu astept singur in noapte Nu-ti cer saruturi,

Victoria Beckham - Come Together

Hey hey baby, you're driving me crazy Let's get together, stay together maybe Just for the night, forever seems crazy We can do whatever, let's

Victoria Beckham - Venus

Goddess on the mountain top Burning like a silver flame The summit of beauty and love And Venus was her name She's got it Yeah, baby, she's

Victoria Beckham - Resentment

I wish I could believe him Ooh, yeah I wish I could believe you Then I'd be all right But now everything you told me Really don't

Victoria Beckham - Should Have Known Better

I should have thought a little harder But I don't know why I should have moved a little faster But I was denied Could have stayed

Victoria Beckham - I Wish

I saw you outside getting out your ride A CLK430 you got style As soon as I checked you out a ladies man no

Victoria Beckham - Like That

Close your eyes, baby count to three, and tell me now, Did you think of him, like it used to be, it ain't

Victoria Beckham - Girlfriend

(Ooll) (Ooll) Oh yeah Yeah yeah Phone rings at a quarter to nine Some crazy girl is on the line Talkin' bout how I better recognise Found my phone

Victoria And Jacob - Clash

It's not about apologies It's about understanding I'll stay here if I'm too demanding Keep myself in my room in the corner of my earth For

Warlord - Mrs. Victoria

As I laid my head to rest, my grandmother she said. I have for you a fairy tale of a friend I knew

Victoria Beckham - I.O.U.

Love is such a precious gift One thing in my life I know is true And I.O.U. Deeper than the ocean bed You touch me like

Victoria Spivey - How Do They Do It That Way?

Victoria Petrosillo - Seule

Seule, tellement seule Le monde se referme autour de moi Peur, tellement peur J'efface chacun de mes pats Et j'espère quand la nuit reviens vers moi Emmène-moi Je