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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Tim McGraw (born May 1, 1967) and Faith Hill (born September 21, 1967) are American country singers. The pair is known for each individual's commercial success as well as their marriage.In 1996, McGraw headlined the most successful country tour of the year, The Spontaneous Combustion Tour, with Faith Hill as his supporting act. They married on October 6 that year.Since then, McGraw and Hill recorded some duets together.

Tim McGraw - It's Your Love

Dancin' in the dark Middle of the night Takin' your heart And holdin' it tight Emotional touch Touchin' my skin And askin' you to do What you've been doin'

Tim McGraw - I Need You

(Tim) I wanna drink that shot of whiskey I wanna smoke that cigarette I wanna smell that sweet addiction on my breathe I wanna ride across

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Telluride

You hit me up in the beat-up car that's just south of tell you right You lit one up and never said a

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Break First

Standing at the bar tryin' to get a drink Got one I hadn't touched at the table Somebody said you're here, but I ain't

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Sleeping In The Stars

When God calls me home And my soul is laid to rest That won't mean I'm gone Darling heaven knows I'll love you just the same So,

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Speak To A Girl

She don't give a damn 'bout your Benjamin Franklins She wants Aretha She don't really care how you're spending your money It's all how you

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Cowboy Lullaby

Just look at that Palomino running like the wind And that pretty old paint is acting like she's young again Sometimes I wonder where

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Love Me To Lie

Yeah, I know That you always look away When you don't know what to say And you've been looking a lot lately Yeah, we both know

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Roll The Dice

Ah, sweet baby Let's roll the dice on love Roll the dice Come roll the dice Roll the dice Come roll the dice Roll the dice Come roll the

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - The Bed We Made

The dishes are clean in the kitchen There ain't no dirt on the floor The laundry's all done washing There ain't no honey do list

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Damn Good At Holding On

Oh, kiss me baby Tell me that you love me even though I know sometimes you hate me We spend most of our days

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Devil Callin' Me Back

Hey, yeah (oh yeah) No rest for the wicked, No peace till kingdom come She a woman on a mission And I march to the beat

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - The Rest Of Our Life (2017)

Faith Hill - I Need You

I wanna drink that shot of whiskey I wanna smoke that cigarette I wanna smell that sweet addiction on my breath I wanna ride across

Faith Hill - Let's Make Love

Baby I've been drifting away Dreaming all day Of holidng you Touching you The only thing I want to do Is be with you As close to you As

Tim McGraw - Angry All The Time

Here we are What is left of a husband and a wife With four good kids Who have a way of getting on with their

Faith Hill - Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me

If I could win your heart, you'd let me in your heart, I'd be so happy baby, Just for these arms to be holding

Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw & Friends (2013)

Tim McGraw - Good Girls

Jesse called her best friend Jenny Said we're goin' out tonight Gonna chase the moon Right out of the sky We're gonna drink Boone's Farm Like we

Tim McGraw - Meanwhile Back At Mama's

Runnin' round in this new truck, bank let's me borrow from month to month Runnin' out of credit and find a little cash

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift's First Phone Call With Tim McGraw

DJ: Hey, a little bit ago we were talking about uh, songwriting and listening to songs and putting down what you feel in

Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw (1993)