Talk You Out Of It Florida Georgia Line lyrics

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line is a duo comprised of members Tyler Hubbard (from Monroe, Georgia) and Brian Kelley (from Ormond Beach, Florida). Their sound combines electrifying, hard-driving rock with honest, expressive lyrics. The Cruise Songfacts explains that both Hubbard and Kelley began playing guitar individually while they were in high school before meeting at Nashville’s Belmont University. They began writing songs together between classes and soon found themselves playing local clubs, quickly building a fanbase. Hubbard and Kelley signed a publishing/production/management deal with Craig Wiseman's Big Loud Mountain record label in December 2011 and released their first five-song E.

Florida Georgia Line - What Are You Drinking About

Well hey girl, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this? With lipstick on the edge of your cocktail glass,

Florida Georgia Line - Take It Out On Me

What'd he do this time? Did he break your heart? I can tell you been crying... and baby here you are. And I always know

Florida Georgia Line - Hands On You

When I get my hands on you, I'm gonna do every little everything, anything girl That you want me to, when it's finally just

Florida Georgia Line - Wish You Were On It

Florida Georgia Line - Like You Ain't Even Gone

Florida Georgia Line - You're Country

If you're anything like me You like jacked up trucks Four-wheel drives And loud straight pipes And a big tool box You like to ride around town With

Florida Georgia Line - Heatwave

Baby girl I'm caught up in your heatwave You're hot like the end of June It's not like you're gonna cool off soon The spotlight

Florida Georgia Line - Good Good

Florida Georgia Line - Grow Old

Tell me that you love me Say "we'll always work it out" I know it's kinda scary But it's only temporary doubt I've done a lot

Florida Georgia Line - That's What's Up

When the sun comes up We party down We got that music way up loud And all the girls Hanging out of the truck Singing hey, that's

Florida Georgia Line - Girl On The Radio

Well I'm talking 'bout a hometown A little party back in the pines I'm really thinkin' 'bout your house And your couch, and getting some On

Florida Georgia Line - Tell Me How You Like It

Florida Georgia Line - Anything Goes (2014)

Florida Georgia Line - It'z Just What We Do (2012)

Florida Georgia Line - Here's To The Good Times (2012)

Florida Georgia Line - Dig Your Roots (2016)

Florida Georgia Line - Bumpin' The Night

The week was long But now it's gone, the drink is gone So fill your cup and turn the good time music up Pick up

Florida Georgia Line - Dayum, Baby

Wait baby, listen you got me twistin' watching you sippin' on that drink I saw you smile back and I didn't miss that

Florida Georgia Line - Smoke

Laying back against this windshield Parked out in this Georgia red field This is where we burn our summer nights Moonlit lipstick kisses on the

Florida Georgia Line - Smile

Got on my smell good, got a bottle of feel good Shining my wheels good, you're looking real good Take a stack of cash

Florida Georgia Line - Dance For Me

It's not too late Let me take you on a midnight drive I might sound crazy baby Maybe somewhere under the stars In my car, in

Florida Georgia Line - Angel

I know you love a little late night Just me and you glowing with the brake light Silhouettes sipping with a halo Anything you want,

Florida Georgia Line - Never Let Her Go

I can see us there on a summer night With a blanket down, lookin' up at the starry sky So in love that goodnight

Florida Georgia Line - Simple