Soul Asylum Forever In A Day lyrics

Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum is an American alternative rock band formed in the summer of 1981 by Minneapolis high school friends Dan Murphy, Karl Mueller, and Dave Pirner. The band (named Loud Fast Rules up until 1984) quickly became frontrunners of American college rock, following in the tradition of fellow Minnesota bands Hüsker Dü and The Replacements.Landing their first record deal with Twin/Tone in 1984, Soul Asylum recorded a total of four albums for the local label: Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen in 1984 (later reissued as Say What You Will, Clarence...

Forever Slave - Lunatic Asylum

Asylum Pyre - The Asylum Pyre

Cradle Of Filth - Tortured Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum - Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum - 99%

(Music and Lyrics: Dave Pirner) I don't own you but I know you're mine Never disown you, never treat you unkind But once in a

Soul Asylum - I Will Still Be Laughing

Soul Asylum - Soul Asylum - Mecht Mensch

Kasabian - L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

Soul Embraced - Seems Like Forever

Asylum XIII - Before The Fall

The Cult - Soul Asylum

Who would break a butterfly on a wheel? Not me, my precious child Sweet angel, wrap me in your velvet cloak, my dear Love's a

Vreid - Welcome To The Asylum

Asylum XIII - Wake

Nocturnal shades are calling Screaming unknown sin Though I see I still Fall in pain again The sirens never cease To call me to the gate I'm on

Abscess - An Asylum Below

(Music: Coralles, lyrics: Coralles, bass: Coralles) Torn from your flesh, skull fragments fly Goreriffic conclusion, beginning to die Thrown into black, mind starts to drain Absolute

Edguy - The Asylum

Kataklysm - Breaching The Asylum

Macabre - Harvey Glatman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot)

Forever I Rise - These Days Are Few

Aurora - The Day It Rained Forever

Forever Slave - Requiem

Soul Asylum - School's Out

Soul Asylum - Grounded

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