Praying Kesha lyrics

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VersaEmerge - Past Praying For

Crawling around me Sleepless eyes Your hands, they haunt me Finger tipping down my spine Heaven forbid, well aware of your sins In the wake I'll be

N.O.R.E. - Now I Pray

Ci dispiace, il testo richiesto non è disponibile

Spain - Hoped And Prayed

In those days I was all alone I was all alone In those days I was all alone I was all alone I was all alone Met a girl And

Seven And The Sun - I Pray

Staring at the universe Eyes upon the sky Lost within a starry night I dtop and breathe it in Empty is the open heart Wishing on a

ApologetiX - Come Out And Pray

And students, the thing to remember about church and state... You gotta keep 'em separated! Don't try to pray in the classroom You can't be

Abortus - Re-Pray

Intro:"Kind yet fucking stupid And Ignorant words from a prominent and corrupt Reverend, here in Australia. God love him, 'cause no one else does." The

Ghoul - My Pray

Luna, Diana, Hecate... Mother trinity, Nocturnal Supremacy Thou who shine in the darkness Make lighter the way to us Your creature, Haunters of the dark Your lovers

Skold - Don't Pray

An extra mile to cross the line I kiss my Judas one more time I die... for your sin Life is simple, life is sweet The

Symantix - Hope And Pray

(Feat. M-1 (Dead Prez)) (M-1) If you believe it you can achieve it that's wise words of wisdom Or really would you whether just be

Sixx - A.M.

She lights a candle But she doesn't know why She wants to save me But I'm barely alive My soul is thirsty I just wanna get high

Scarface - Mom Praying

(Feat. Beanie Sigel) "Ooh..." I just hear mom praying, I just hear gran sayin'... "Somebody oughta just, reach out and, help me..." Eight decades and four

Seether - Nobody Praying For Me

I'm a whisper lost upon wind, I'm the ember that'll burn you down I'm the water that'll drown you, I'm a star that's

Tourniquet - You Get What You Pray For

All of a sudden this big world will end Billions of people will wish it never began Let us pray, let us pray No amount

Breakerz - Last Pray

あの夏の日 無垢な手に掴まれ 硝子ケースに囚われた蟻のように 与えられた箱庭の中で蠢く 弱き人間は 指で巣を壊される 目を閉じて Pray 暗闇に覆われた嘆きの世界で 僕らは何のため何のため 生きていけばいいの? 彷徨う夢 あたりまえの明日が永久に続く 当然のように そう信じていた日々 一秒後に目の前の景色が消える 絶望の中 君という花が咲いていた Pray 残酷な運命に壊れそうになっても どこかで君が笑う それだけで僕の希望になる Pray 儚くて刹那くてだけど生きたくて 愛しい君がいる君がいる この闇を照らす光になる 気まぐれな遊戯のルーレット 神の悪戯に翻弄されて生かされて 苦しみを刻むだけの日々に 君が教えてくれた 生きてゆく意味を 目を開けて Pray 残酷な運命に壊れそうになっても どこかで君が笑う それだけで僕の希望になる Pray 儚くて刹那くてだけど生きたくて 愛しい君がいる君がいる いつもそばにいて 祈り届け

Eli - Things I Prayed For

Things I prayed for when I was young That my father would love me like his only son That my mother would be patient

Aeon - You Pray To Nothing

Pray the only thing the priest will say Pray and the world will be a better place If you got a problem

FGFC820 - Pray

Here's the new theology The blood of God is on our hands Repressed ideology Persecute, control, command We live in hypocrisy Setting fire to the lie Vengeance is

Peccatum - And Pray For Me

I am born But still not living And pray for her When her soul descends Living the life Known to mankind And pray for her When gloom moves into

Dogstar - And I Pray

Dark and cold closing in I feel something new begin Is it a flower that begins to bloom? Or is it history repeating too soon? All

Ayọ - I Pray

If you were in my head right now you'd probably be surprised 'Cause when you ask me how I am I look at

New Trolls - Once That I Prayed

Goin' on my way I was trying to pray Something may change into my life. Nothing to say Nowhere to stay No

77s - Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime

Everybody, everybody Everybody ought to pray sometime Ought to fall down on their knee Cryin' Lord have mercy on me Every liar, every liar Every liar ought

Louise - I Pray

I pray every night That you love will be there. In the morning In the morning Waiting For Me. And I pray every day That you heart will