Phantom Carousel lyrics

Eloquent Carousel


The Hollies - On A Carousel

Carousel Kings - That's What She Said

Four years later and where are you Changed your mind when I changed too Pick a side and stick with it now Cause tonight this

ABBA - Get On The Carousel

Get on the carousel Get on the carousel Get on The roundabout is just beginning Get on It's fun to see the world a-spinning Get on the

Danny! - Carousel

It's crazy yo, it's like... First my life is like a roller-coaster Now it's like a carousel, y'know, going in circles When will it stop Somebody

Forevermore - Vindicator's Carousel

Rinse and repeat. The thought sickens my insides. Solace never came so easy. This carousel you ride won't last forever. So I'll beg you and I'll

Manticora - Forever Carousel

My dearest friend, Standing in the middle of the playground site you see the giant carousel with a sign saying children come to

Yashin - Lady Carousel

Eaves - Creature Carousel

Oh No! Oh My! - Circles And Carousels

I'll try hard not to repeat myself But I'm drawing circles in my mind And they all look like carousels With riders racing for the

Joy Electric - The Carousel Of Progress

Famous words and lines From the mouths of the metal creations Spiral case design architects Shown for infatuations How is progress made When it stops before its

Mason Proper - Carousel! Carousel!

When I look at the sky and blue goes grey, Well I don't let that stop me. I keep tipping my hat as beauties

Rodrigo Leão - Lonely Carousel

It's a look This game we play We can't escape we have to attend Its life you see When I have tried to amuse myself To celebrate

The Mother Hips - Bent Carousel

Blink-182 - Carousel

Carousel Kings - Don't Go Home

Carousel Kings - Try Not To Break Us Down

Carousel Kings - Here, Now, Forever

Peggy Lee - Christmas Carousel (1960)

Vyvienne Long - Blue Carousel

Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel