One Man Band Old Dominion lyrics

Old Dominion

Old Dominion may not yet be a household name, but its members are behind many of the songs you hear in country music today. During the past 10 years of writing and honing their sound as a band, a number of their songs have been recorded and released by an impressive list that includes The Band Perry, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Chris Young, and Craig Morgan. And while it has been nice to experience radio success as song writers, the band has their scope unwaveringly aimed at delivering their music personally to the people..

Big Tymers - Suga & Pac, Puff & Big

(B.G.) Me the B.G., and Baby my ***in' rounds Two livin' legend paper chasers from uptown Bout money and ***es, puttin' haters in ditches We roll

Scott H. Biram - The Dirty Old One Man Band (2004)

The Charlie Daniels Band - Old Rock 'n' Roller

He's just an old rock 'n' roller playing music in a backstreet bar. He sings a little flat and he never learned to

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Torch Song Trilogy

(Insert) "I'm not guilty ahahaha Does that include the time I stole a Comic Book when I was 5 years old? Aha! I'm not guilty of

Ewan MacColl - My Old Man

My old man was a good old man Skilled in the moulding trade In the stinking heat of the iron foundry My old man was

Robert Hazard - Lookin' For Love

I'm lookin' for love, for something complete I'm lookin' in the clouds above and in the gutter on the street I'm prayin' for rain,

Genesis - Supper's Ready/Annotated

Walking across the sitting-room, I turn the television off. (3) Sitting beside you, I look into your eyes. As the sound of motor cars

The Legendary Pink Dots - Soma Bath

Powdered Heaven, dressed in plastic, pulled the shades down on his eyes. Pinprick pupils soaring skywards. Offer him no alibis. But then,

Logic - Wu Tang Forever

En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style I'd like to try your Wu-Tang style, let's begin, then Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu-Tang

Post Malone - Rockstar

Ay, I've been fuckin' hoes and poppin' pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar Ay, ay, all my brothers got that gas And they

Magic! - Rude

Saturday morning, jumped out of bed And put on my best suit Got in my car and raced like a jet All the way to

Frank Sinatra - The Columbia Years 1943-1952

Frank Turner - Four Simple Words

Because we're all so very Twenty first century You're probably listening to me On some kind of portable stereo Maybe you're sitting on the back of

Laudamus - Free

Some might think my hair is too long Some might fear the beat of this song So much religion, so many rules But this is

Washington - One Man Band

I'm not the saviour of modern religion Not the messiah, not a magician, I don't know why But I was not meant for this

Meganoidi - One Man Band

I'm not just a one man band Tell me what's wrong I'll help you if I can Meanwhile I'll keep singing for you You're not just