Old Dominion lyrics

Old Dominion

Old Dominion may not yet be a household name, but its members are behind many of the songs you hear in country music today. During the past 10 years of writing and honing their sound as a band, a number of their songs have been recorded and released by an impressive list that includes The Band Perry, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Chris Young, and Craig Morgan. And while it has been nice to experience radio success as song writers, the band has their scope unwaveringly aimed at delivering their music personally to the people..

Old Dominion - Hotel Key

Well it was down some street we couldn't even pronounce We were smoking a little from a half an ounce The tequila was cheap

Old Dominion - Not Everything's About You

Yeah the song comes on and I sing out loud And there ain't no road that I can't go down And I don't think

Old Dominion - A Girl Is A Gun

Seems innocent enough when your buying the drinks at the bar And you're both getting loaded You don't even know just the danger you're

Old Dominion - Crazy Beautiful ***y

I never liked Def Leppard till I heard you sing that song Never wanted to go to Cali till you had that t-shirt

Old Dominion - Make It Sweet

I know it's a drag, I know it's a grind I know that a dollar ain't worth a dime Just trying to keep up

Old Dominion - Still Writing Songs About You

The Sun going down on a little beach town out west A wide open highway, a window seat on a jet The sound of

Old Dominion - Stars In The City

We took a U-turn down on 42nd street Almost hit another car Spilled my coffee on my jeans and I said: Oh, they're ruined

Old Dominion - So You Go

You're home all alone, there's a buzz on your phone Your friend says she's out at the bar with her friends so you

Old Dominion - Half Empty

A girl like you in a bar like this Well no offense but you don't fit in Red lipstick on the rim of that

Old Dominion - Wrong Turns

Stop got a little gasoline at the old bean peak Rollin' 'round wound up in the middle of BFE Spinnin' these wheels down a

Old Dominion - Song For Another Time

Right now we both know We're Marina del Rey Planes gonna fly away And you'll be on it And by this time tomorrow I'll be singing yesterday The

Old Dominion - Can't Get You

I get bored, I get drunk I get drunk, I get brave I get brave, I get a phone I get a phone, I get

Old Dominion - We Got It Right

We got the songs We got the beats We got the bar Where we used to meet We got our names In the concrete On Lincoln street And we

Old Dominion - Said Nobody

I'm tired of having fun I'm sick of watching that sunset, painting the sky red I just wanna turn in early I don't want to

Old Dominion - Nowhere Fast

Grass stained bare feet Dove in my front seat Windshield full of road to run And a gas tank full of freedom Red sky faded to

Old Dominion - Shoe Shopping

Some don't last the way they should Some make you feel good for a little while And then you throw 'em away Some are up

Old Dominion - No Such Thing As A Broken Heart

I wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it After the drums and the guitars all faded Was the best they could do good

Old Dominion - Break Up With Him

Hey girl, what's up? I know it's late, but I knew you'd pick it up Naw, I ain't drunk Okay, maybe I do have a

Old Dominion - Be With Me

You could be the president, you would get my vote You could be the captain of whatever floats your boat You could be the

Old Dominion - Til It's Over

Hey, you don't have to stay You don't have to say Anything that you don't wanna say Hey, you don't have to go We can take

Old Dominion - Beer Can In A Truck Bed

She was diggin' up her sundress, showing off her tatty She said, "I like your ride, maybe you could be my caddy What you

Old Dominion - Written In The Sand

Turn me on turn me off then you turn me back on by the weekend And you won't say the words that I

Old Dominion - Snapback

Strictly outta curiosity, What would happen if you got with me? Kissin' you would hit the spot with me Come on skip a couple rocks

Old Dominion - Shut Me Up

I can't get you off the tip of my tongue, You're running through my head again Like one of those summer sing-a-long songs, I play