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Finntroll is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They combine elements of black metal and folk metal. Finntroll's lyrics are mostly in Swedish, the only exception being the song "Madon Laulu" on Visor Om Slutet. Finntroll's first singer Katla decided to use Swedish over Finnish since he was part of a Swedish-speaking minority in Finland and the sound of the language seemed to better suit the band's "trollish" outfit. Despite several vocalist changes, this tradition has continued.

Chumbawamba - There's No Need To Vote Nf When There Are Twelve Tory Fascists In The Cabinet lyrics

There's no need to vote NF when there are twelve tory fascists in the cabinet

NF - 10 Feet Down

Yeah I know the person in the mirror's not a perfect one I look at him everyday and think he's not enough My life's

NF - 3 A.M.

Call me at 3 AM, telling me that I could be the one, oh yeah Maybe I was in love from the oustide,

Antidote - There's No Need To Vote NF When There Are Twelve Tory Fascists In The Cabinet

There's no need to vote NF when there are twelve tory fascists in the cabinet

Fünf Sterne Deluxe - Dein Herz Schlägt Schneller

Hip Hop braucht kein Mensch Aber Mensch braucht Hip Hop (jaa, jaa, jaa wir brauchen Hip Hop) Hier kommt die Band Die bald so bekannt

Fünf Sterne Deluxe - Willst Du Mit Mir Geh'n?

Als Korinna (14) Markus (15) das erste Mal traf Dachte sie nur "Wow, is' der scharf" Und fragte gleich in ihrer Clique ob ihn

NF - My Life

Yeah, look I mean this with love when I say it I wanna answer the phone when you call me The problem is, it's 10

NF - Outro

I'm dedicated, the definition of dedication Wrote this whole record while I was levitating Sittin' in my room with the pen and paper, I'm

NF - Remember This

Yeah they say when we grow You'll understand when you're older Guess I'm still a kid I don't know it If I'll ever let go

NF - Dreams

Yeah, most of my life's full of sad days Started at a young age Yeah, bought a house but I've been livin' on stage Tryna

NF - Destiny

I talk to God like, "What's next for me?" I'm just fulfillin' my destiny Fulfillin' my destiny, yeah I talk to God like, "What's next

NF - If You Want Love

I just need some time, I'm tryna think straight I just need a moment in my own space Ask me how I'm doin', I'll

NF - Green Lights

My name buzzin', ain't no way you could ignore it I did not come this far so they could ignore me I am not

NF - One Hundred

Yeah Hey, I'm on a hundred right now Yeah They say the flow soundin' like a mixtape They ain't see it comin' like a fast break They

NF - You're Special

Yeah, you, baby, you You're something special Baby, I know I know what you're thinkin' Maybe, maybe I'm wasting your time But I promise, but I promise I

NF - Intro III

What, are you scared of me? That's embarassin' If it wasn't for me, you would've never wrote Therapy I've been here for you, but

NF - Only One

You put your hand into mine, and baby we flew And whenever you're not around I don't know what to do And I'd rather

NF - Hands Up

A few words to define my music? I'd say it's pretty laid back Let me see those hands up! Hands up! Yeah I'm like Ali when

NF - All I Do

This is all I do, this is all I do This is all I do, this is all I do This is all I

NF - Paralyzed

When did I become so numb? When did I lose myself? All the words that leave my tongue Feel like they came from someone else I'm

NF - Wait

Wait, wait, wait Don't leave me Wait, wait, wait Don't leave me Where you going? Where you going? Why you leaving? (Wait) I can't lose you, I can't lose

NF - Face It

Yeah, I ain't sleeping lately I ain't sleeping lately Yes I know that I'm the only person that can change me Maybe, that's why I

NF - Breathe

Breathe Breathe I grew up in a small place, had to drive an hour just to see a movie I'm a simple person, city life

NF - Just Being Me

Feels like I'm in the sky Flying over clouds or somethin' I don't smoke weed, but you could say I'm high on somethin' It's like