Navel Loverboy lyrics


There is more than one artist with this name:1) Navel is a Swedish band.2) Navel is a Japanese pop punk band. They have released 2 albums under the Snuffy Smile Records label.3) Navel is a Bishoujo game company, sub label doing the soundtracks for their games.4) Navel is a Swiss Band.

Little Mix - Mr. Loverboy

You can be my lover, I can be your love You can be my lover, I can be your love You can be my

Slimmy - Beatsound Loverboy

Bela B. - Loverboy

Er geht jetzt schon seit Stunden unser kleiner dummer Streit. Übersät mit Wunden, doch zur Einsicht sind wir nicht bereit. Ich könnte dich erwürgen, ich bin

Danielson - Jersey Loverboy

Annett Louisan - ***y Loverboy

Dass wenn es einen trifft, es einen irgendwo erwischt Dass dann jedes andere Gefühl sofort erlischt Zeig mir wo das steht Mmm zeig mir wo

Slimmy - Beatsound Loverboy (2007)

Scritti Politti - Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry For Loverboy)

I had a dream of us together in a world where we knew what was true Oh Patti don't lead the life that

Drowned - Eyes Bent For Own Navel

Tim Moore - Sweet Navel Lightning

Cubic U - My Little Lover Boy

He's my little lover boy He's my little lover boy All it takes is just one simple kiss One simple kiss And you'd have me fallin'

The Mars Volta - Cassandra Gemini

Loverboy - Gangs In The Street

Loverboy - Jump

Was it you that didn't need me like this sneakin' around with the lights down low. It feels so good I hope it

Loverboy - Meltdown

We're headin' for a meltdown There's gonna be a breakdown Before we have the countdown We better have a shakedown You treat me bad, you leave

Loverboy - Emotional

I can't promise you pearls and diamonds, I got no Rolls Royce And you know it's a good thing if I give you

Loverboy - Destruction

Destruction Destruction Destruction You say the situation Is getting out of hand I guess you know the reason why But now it's hit the fan Sometimes you feel so

Loverboy - Secrets

There's broken pieces of angels Scattered out through the sky Clouds are fallin' like rain to the ground Makes it easy to cry Every dream is

Loverboy - Tortured

How do I keep everything From scraping zero? I struggle to face myself again I'm higher than sleep But lower than the ground I fall to One

Loverboy - It's Your Life

Would it be too much to ask you for a light Or is that the kinda thing that always ends up in a

Loverboy - Nobody Cares

You stand here naked to the bone Stripped of your self respect, alone You've been an outcast all your life Relationships pass in the night Nobody

Loverboy - Watch Out

There's a new love in your life, I see it in your smile There's a new love in your life, I've known it

Loverboy - Just Getting Started

There's only one way to do it. There's only one game in town. There's only one way to burn it to the ground. You know

Loverboy - Love Of Money

Loverboy - Goodbye Angel

Another blue Monday morning In my empty bed And the sounds of lonliness Ringing in my head As I reach for my wallet Keys to the car And