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Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen (born May 13, 1993 in Sneedville, Tennessee) is an American country music artist. He signed with Big Loud Records and released an extended play and a single, "The Way I Talk." His father was a preacher, and as a child, Wallen took piano and violin lessons. He played baseball in college, but chose to look for music instead after an injury. In 2014, he competed in season 6 of The Voice, but was eliminated.

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I believe in nothing more Than spending you r life with one foot out the door, of an Empty apartment, somewhere inside Take a step

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They want us to stay blind as a bat While they move sly as a fox Dat dem want Oh bwoy Dat dem wany Yes sah I tell

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Oh my, my (oh my, my) Your beauty takes me oh so high, high (rockers) Sexy body girl (Morgan Heritage, girls) Your beauty just a

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Oh, oh, oh la la la lahhha Yeah, yeah, can't get enough of how you put it on me (Can't get enough) Yeah, yeah Oh,

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