Mess With My Head Miranda Lambert lyrics

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Leigh Lambert (born November 10, 1983 in Lindale, Texas) is a country singer-songwriter who gained fame as a finalist on the 2003 season of USA Network's talent competition Nashville Star.Both of her parents are private investigators, but father Rick is also a country guitarist and songwriter. Lambert became seriously interested in country music after attending a Garth Brooks concert as a young girl, and soon began singing in talent contests under the tutelage of her father.At 16, Miranda began appearing on the Johnny High Country Music Review in Arlington, Texas, the same show that helped launch the career of LeAnn Rimes. Miranda quickly landed a recording session in Nashville, but left the studio in tears after she became frustrated with the "pop" sound of music that was not her own.

Miranda Lambert - That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round

I know a gal got A lot to lose She's a pretty nice lady But she's kinda confused Got muscles in her head Ain't never been used Thinks

Miranda Lambert - Virginia Bluebell

Carrying the weight on the end of a limb Your just waitin for somebody To pick you up again Shaded by a tree, can't live

Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood - Somethin' Bad

Both Stand on the box, stomp your feet, start clapping Got a real good feeling somethin' bad about to happen Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Miranda Lambert Pulled up to the

Miranda Lambert - White Liar

Hey white liar The truth comes out a little at a time And it spreads just like a fire Slips off of your tongue like

Miranda Lambert - Nobody's Fool

One more night with the same neon lights And I'll find my place at the bar One more down so I buy one more

Miranda Lambert - I Just Really Miss You

There's a dark cloud hanging over my heart I can't see where it ends, or where it starts. I should get over you, but

Miranda Lambert - Texas As Hell

I'm Texas as hell Mean 'n' ornery I don't need no loud mouth Comin' on to me My temper gets hotter than red, white and blue

Miranda Lambert - I Can't Be Bothered

I can't be bothered to miss you anymore Month twelve, day thirty-one and hour twenty-four I used to think if missed hard enough you'd

Miranda Lambert - Oh, California

I met him on the edge of a good bye I was standing there with no where left to fly I was young but

Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood - Somethin' Bad/ru

Stand on the box, stomp your feet, get clapping Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen Pulled up to the church

Miranda Lambert - Ugly Lights

I don't remember when the liquor started kicking in It's been a while since I been off the stuff I really hate to say

Pistol Annies - Hush Hush

My brother got out of rehab Right around Christmas time Mama made a turkey, daddy was worried He was gonna have to break up a

Pistol Annies - Blues, You're A Buzzkill

Blues, you're a buzzkill You sneak up on my pain pills Jack Daniels can't swallow you whole Hey, Blues, you're a tough act to follow Ain't

Pistol Annies - Blues, You're A Buzz Kill

Blues, you're a buzzkill You sneak up on my pain pills Jack Daniels can't swallow you whole Hey Blues, you're a tough act to follow Ain't

Miranda Cosgrove - Headphones On

10:28 on the digital clock I know it's late but I Just can't stop All this jumpin' around All this wastin' time It's getting to be a

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Say No To This

Burr: There's nothing like summer in the city Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty There's trouble in the air, you can smell it And Alexander's

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Cabinet Battle Number 2

(Washington) The issue on the table: France is on the verge of war with England And do we provide aid and our troops to

Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

I know they say you can't go home again. I just had to come back one last time. Ma'am I know you don't know

Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead

County road 233, under my feet Nothin' on this white rock but little ole me I've got two miles till he makes bail And if

Miranda Lambert - Only Prettier

Well I've been saved by the grace of southern charm I got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like

Miranda Lambert - Heart Like Mine

I ain't the kind you take home to mama I ain't the kind to wear no ring Somehow I always get stronger When I'm on

Miranda Lambert - What About Georgia?

You draw it out like a highway With every word that you say Excuses for the answers that you lack Your mama's still the steady

Miranda Lambert - I Wanna Die

You know it's so complicated, first you love then you hate it Someone's laughing, someone's crying, someone livin', someone's dying Sombody always loses and