Mercy Brett Young lyrics

Brett Young

Brett Charles Young (born March 23, 1981 Anaheim, Orange County, California) is an American pop singer and songwriter. He was a baseball pitcher at his school but took the composition after being injured, his debut EP entitled, produced by Dann Huff, was released by Republic Nashville on February 12, 2016. The main single, Sleep Without You , was released on April 11. Look at a pitcher on the mound, on any team, from a nine-year-old boy in the Babe Ruth league to a million-dollar ace in the big leagues. There's a look in his eyes, an intensity, that goes straight to his heart and when you see that look in Brett Young's baby blues, it's not too hard to understand what drove the boy from California from a dance floor to the recording studio.

Lil Scrappy - Lord Have Mercy

(50 talking) Dear lord I hope you look deep into my heart And know that I mean good And you can forgive me for all my

Brett Young - Brett Young (2017)

Albert Collins - Angel Of Mercy

I went to work this mo'nin' My foreman looked me in the eye He said, "Fella I don't know what's wrong with ya But you

Nancy Wilson - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

My baby she may not a-look Like one of those bunnies out of a Playboy Club But she got somethin' much greater than gold Crazy

Brett Eldredge - Go On Without Me

Every man has his place in time Everyone has a loved one that they leave behind And even though I'm not right

Brett Dennen - Make The Most

And in the morning, when I rise One question, that feels like the sun in my eyes Am I making the most of this

Brett Dennen - Heaven

Beyond the rules of religion The cloth of conviction Above all the competition Where fact and fiction meet There's no color lines cast or classes There's no

Brett Dennen - All We Have

All we have is love Oh, we're growing Faster than we ever could have dreamed And our bellies are bulging We're gonna burst right through our

4Him - Land Of Mercy

This is a strange familiar place Where I am living The world that was and what's become are not the same I see the evidence

Abhorrent - Beg For Mercy

Bastard! I'll hunt you down through the country This bloody feeling costing many lives Can't you see you broke all society rules Leaving (your) evil mark

Adversary - Absence Of Mercy

As darkness falls around him He knows that he will soon die But he sees them stand before him So he rises for one last

Blessed - Your Mercy

Confession is good for the soul they say Well now it's my turn I'm willing to share all I've learned someday But some days not

Axxis - A Little Mercy

They built cathedrals for the glory and the fame While the kids down in the streets Are dying in it's name They try to hide

Airkraft - Love Has No Mercy

All the nights I bleed for you As you feed me with your hunger It's a desperate rendezvous Too little, too late Hidden in my haunted