Matt Stell lyrics

Matt Stell

“I dread answering the question ‘what kind of music do you play’ every time it’s asked.” Says Matt Stell & the Crashers’ front man Matt Stell. “Every time someone asks me, I just end up telling them that we’re kinda like 30 of my favorite bands and proceed to recommend songs and YouTube clips to them.”Matt Stell & the Crashers’ love for all kinds of music runs deep and they draw from many different sources for inspiration. Somewhere between Country, Americana, Blues, Soul, Folk, Gospel and Rock and Roll you’ll find MS&C.

Cory Morrow - Breaking Me Out

I spent years buildin' these walls I built 'em wide, and I built 'em tall No one in, no one out Nobody's gonna hurt this

Stellar Kart - You Never Let Go

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death Your perfect love is casting out fear And even when I'm caught

All Time Low - Stella

3 pm, on my feet and staggering Through misplaced words and a sinking feeling I got carried away Sick, sick of sleeping on the floor Another

Prinz Pi - Wolken Vor Dem Mund

Zeit-Zeit-Zeit-Zeit... ...los-los, Zeit-Zeit-Zeit-Zeit-Zeit-Zeit-Zeit... los, für immer! Ich stell mich vor, Prinz Pi! Westberlin Untergrund. Wenn man euch Pfeiffen sieht, denkt man glatt deutscher Rap, wäre die Villa Kunterbunt, ihr seid Tunten,

Ulrich Roski - Maul Nicht

Niemand war erfreut, als er zur Welt kam Ihn hat wohl ein schwarzer Storch gebracht Er war schon als Säugling durchaus seltsam Ausgesprochen matt und

Davide Van De Sfroos - Fendin

Yalba kuresh manumm traagah Retha mazur tajènna Yalba kuresh manumm traagah Retha mazur tajènna Wootemm reega kalim shaaba Druna matt'moje mitz mu Wootemm reega kalim shaaba Druna matt'moje mitz

Enzo Jannacci - La Luna È Una Lampadina

La luna è una lampadina… attaccata al plafone, e le stelle sembrano limoni tirati nell'acqua. E io son qui Lina, sul marciapiede,

Davide Van De Sfroos - El Mustru

Parlumm mea de barbera, Nel buceer gh'è la dencéra Che la riid senza di me E sun ché cun l'infermiera Setaa giò sö na cadréga Che la

STS - 180 Grad

Sag wie hast du das g'macht Wie hast das z'sammen'bracht Da wird man still und stad Dass einem da nix passiert Dass man nicht schwindlig wird Wenn

Matt Stillwell - Dirt Road Dancing

Take a left at the wheat field just before the frog pond Follow the tail lights for a country mile Parked underneath the pine

Matt Stillwell - Whiskey Well

I'm busted up, all down low She's gone for good and I'm the one who messed it up I said some things that pissed

Matt Stillwell - Oh My Sweet Carolina

Well, I went down to Houston, stopped in San Antone And I passed up the station for the bus I was trying to find

Matt Stillwell - Moment Of Weakness

Parked outside a roadside motel room A husband slips off his ring There's a woman inside that makes her living off guys like him Sipping

Matt Stillwell - Sweet Sun Angel

Blue eyes cuttin' through the summer day Every red light seems to come from her face From the tip of her toes to the

Matt Stillwell - I Keep Thinking About You

I wake up, you're on my TV My coffee cup, morning paper I see you in everything Yeah, I'm falling and I'm falling fast I keep

Matt Stillwell - Go Away

I fall asleep without you And I wake thinking about you And I can't seem to get by anymore So tired of these tears I'm

Matt Stillwell - Somewhere Between Me And You

I still think about you all the time Do I ever even cross your mind? I wonder where you are tonight? If you were here

Matt Stillwell - Damn This Rain

Ain't nothing on this stretch of 75 But tail lights and white lines These old wipers can hardly keep up With this Georgia sky, it's

Matt Stillwell - Shine Deluxe (2010)

Lil' Matt - Still Tippin Freestyle

(Lil' Matt) Put it their eh, let's go Let go, up high Pullin out movies and I get to shootin Knock you out out and you

Five Finger Death Punch - Dying Breed

Round one! I swear to God I'd do it for fun Just a dead man walkin' With a double-barrel shotgun Ain't a single fucker left to

Five Finger Death Punch - No One Gets Left Behind

(No one gets left behind) Another fallen soul (No one gets left behind) Another broken home (No one gets left behind) We stand and

Five Finger Death Punch - Bulletproof

You can take the money, you can take the ride You can take it all but never get inside You can't take my honor,