Marshmello Kane Brown lyrics


Chris Comstock, better known by his stage name Marshmello, was born on May 19, 1992. He is an American electronic dance music producer and DJ. He first gained international recognition by remixing songs by Jack Ü and Zedd, and later collaborated with artists including Omar LinX, Ookay, Jauz and Slushii. In January 2017, his song "Alone" appeared on the U.S.

Kane Brown - Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere

Passed our exit five ago Four lanes to county roads Playlist lighting up the dark 808's and pounding hearts Won't tell nobody where we're going Just you

Kane Brown - Weekend

It's 4:30 Friday, I get off at 5:00 I come into your place, you come into mine Got a bottle of Jack and cheap

Kane Brown - Found You

I be sitting in the same old bar Heart breaking on a broken bar stool Wishing she'd come running back Running from the past Runnin' up

Kane Brown - What Ifs

You say what if I hurt you, what if I leave you What if I find somebody else and I don't need you? What

Kane Brown - One Night Only

I'm feelin' your vibe, you got my attention When you walked in here with nobody with ya Girl if there ain't a guy in

Kane Brown - Last Minute Late Night

I know it's late to be callin', whatcha doin' right now? I couldn't wait, till tomorrow, to get to takin' you out. I gotta

Kane Brown - Three Wooden Crosses

A farmer and a teacher, a hooker and a preacher Ridin' on a midnight bus bound for Mexico One was headed for vacation, one

Kane Brown - Homesick

Dancin' in the kitchen You singing my favorite songs Swinging on the front porch Just laughing at the dogs How you swear you love me more When

Kane Brown - Lose It

Yeah... That little ringing buzzing good for nothing phone in your hands The directions to the party that's just started with that cover band That

Kane Brown - What's Mine Is Yours

Wasn't really lookin' when you caught my eyes Just another town, just another night Didn't say much, I was scared for my life I didn't

Kane Brown - American Bad Dream

Remember when ninth grade was about gettin' laid Skippin' class tryin' not to get caught? Now you gotta take a test in a bullet

Kane Brown - Better Place

Baby, if your dream is forty acres and a house Porch going all the way around I'mma buy it Or if you'd rather see City lights

Kane Brown - Pull It Off

It could be a black dress High heels Ripped up, torn up Lucky jeans Or the covers in the morning Her boyshorts and my favorite tee Unbuttoned

Kane Brown - Forgetting Is The Hardest Part

There's no doubt it was always you From that first time I walked you home from school Till you stole my heart underneath that

Kane Brown - Good As You

See the way you're taking care of your Mama The way you're taking care of me The way you light up any room, girl You're

Kane Brown - Heaven

This is perfect Come kiss me one more time I couldn't dream this up Even if I tried You and me in this moment Feels like magic

Kane Brown - Check Yes Or No

It started way back in third grade And I used to sit beside Emmylou Hayes A pink dress, a matching bow, and her ponytail She

Kane Brown - Used To Love You Sober

Life was great Wouldn't change a thing I had it all but with you I had more But out of nowhere out of the blue Our

Kane Brown - Work

They say don't go to bed angry They say always kiss goodnight Maybe there's somethin' to it I don't know, but what if they're right If

Kane Brown - Thunder In The Rain

Your lips, your eyes, don't wanna let go Your skin on mine, I'm losing control Hear the rumble in your chest Feel the wind comin'

Kane Brown - There Goes My Everything

Everything, everything, everything... I watch her every morning Putting on her make up That girl comes without a warning So addicting, I can't get enough She gets

Kane Brown - Excuses

Always stayin' out late, get off at 8 But you come to door at 3 Name on your phone says caller unknown But girl you

Kane Brown - Hit The Gas

The first day we met I was 17 The sky was shining bright And the grass was green You had your hair up A smile on

Kane Brown - Rockstars

We take a drive just to sing along Every word of them Rolling Stones Stacy's mom had it going on Lived three doors down I