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Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett Akins, Jr. (born in Valdosta, Georgia) is an American country music singer known professionally as Thomas Rhett. He is the son of singer-songwriter Rhett Akins.Here is some background information on Thomas Rhett from the Something To Do With My Hands Songfacts. Thomas Rhett grew up in the music industry by means of his singer-songwriter father Rhett Akins.

Thomas Rhett - Marry Me

She wants to get married, she wants it perfect She wants her grandaddy preaching the service Yeah, she wants magnolias out in the country Not

Thomas Rhett - Unforgettable

It was the 14th of October Had that t-shirt off your shoulder I was drunk, said I was sober And you said yeah right We were

Rhett & Link - Song For When You Get A Bad Haircut

This is a song for when You get a bad haircut I shoulda never gone To get my hair cut by my roommate's mom Eighty percent

Rhett & Link - Song For When You Run Out Of Toilet Paper

This is a song for when You run out of toilet paper I've been on this john for way too long playing Candy Crush Before

Thomas Rhett - Life Changes (2017)

Thomas Rhett - Sweetheart

Sweetheart, God could've never made two Nobody quite like you Woke up this morning to your sleepy smile I realized I haven't told you in

Thomas Rhett - Grave

You're my forever My slice of heaven on this side of the Mississippi River, baby You're my infinity, no end to you and me

Thomas Rhett - Renegades

Poor boy, rich girl, what a cliché One car, two hearts, wanna run away 'Cause they know it was meant to be His little bullet

Thomas Rhett - Sixteen

"Take a left here, boy, take it slow Don't get distracted by that radio" I just rolled my eyes and I said, "Daddy, I

Thomas Rhett - Leave Right Now

Same streets, same party Drowning their problems in Bacardi Same people still talking Oh, I'm so over it, I'm sorry Baby, you and me could leave

Thomas Rhett - When You Look Like That

You said you only had time for one drink But that dress that you're wearing says a whole 'nother thing You laugh and you

Thomas Rhett - Life Changes

Waking up in my college dorm Yeah, my life, it was pretty normal Looking for a date to the spring formal Wasn't worried 'bout nothing

Thomas Rhett - Anthem

This is the beat that puts the fire in your feet Gives you the license to be a little crazy This is the groove

Thomas Rhett - Vacation

My girl is rocking that Billabong bikini like she's sponsored Asking me if I can rub that Coppertone on her Got a couple bucks

Thomas Rhett - Tangled

I'm tangled in your arms And in my head and in my bed again And wreckin' me in pieces on the floor I'm tangled in

Thomas Rhett - Call Me Up

When you're sick of the same old songs From the same old band on the bar marquee, call me up If you're climbin' the

Thomas Rhett - Craving You

Every time we have to say goodbye I'm counting down until we say hello Every touch is like the strongest drug I don't know how

Rhett & Link - BFF

What if you get buried alive? Who's gon' dig you out from the ground? What if you choke on some pie? Who is gonna squeeze

George Thomas - Getting Married Tonight

Yar it moves / yar it grooves / spinning in space / spinning in space (The Earth) Get up we're getting married tonight

Rhett & Link - If I Had Another Me

...DNA to frame me for a crime Maybe having another me isn't all I thought it'd be I think I'll eventually have to murder

Rhett Miller - Fireflies

Rhett: You looked like my mother Did when she was 19, not afraid to die I started planning our future But you were just 19,

Thomas Rhett - Get Me Some Of That

Yeah girl, been diggin' on you Sippin' on drink number two Tryin' to come up with somethin' smooth And waitin' on the right time to

Rhett Miller - Question

She woke from a dream Her head was on fire Why was he so nervous He took her to the park She crossed her arms and Lowered