Mark Murphy Stolen Moments Wmv lyrics


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Mark Murphy - Stolen Moments

Pete Molinari - One Stolen Moment (Acoustic)

Mark Harris - In A Moment Or Two

Mark Mulcahy - From This Moment On

Marked As His Equal - Every Waking Moment

You're my every waking moment I dream of you constantly Stay by my side forever I know we were meant to be Let's walk along the

Stolen Moments - Red Hot + Cool (1994)

Murphy's Kids - Breaker

Two weeks ago, would I have found myself hoping, That I would be easy to break off? I think not. It's not

Stolen Deer - Heart In Six Parts Of Eight

I struggled through a hard winter with a driving instructor Always messing with my mind I wonder how you showed up in such an

Angelo Branduardi - The Stolen Bride

Three long nights and sleep eludes me Wait and watch and listen But all I hear is the viper sliding And hissing along the river There

Nightingale - Thoughts From A Stolen Soul

Suddenly something changed inside as like the darkness turn to light. And I saw reflections from the past flashing by Like a starfall in

Diabolique - Stolen Moments

I've been reaching out into Such emptiness it's hard to carry on And so it seems, you never understood I can never be without your

The Vamps - Stolen Moments

You tell me I'm a friend But confused minds and blurred lines Have brought it to an end And all that is left now Is where

Default - Caught In The Moment

Moments In Grace - Stratus

Nadeah - At The Moment

While living out the boot of my hire car I drove across the ocean of a charcoaled heart Freefalling from the edge of a

Disturbed - This Moment

Bitter yet! Bitter yet! You will remember this moment as you dig into me And from your smile now it seems as if you

Braille - Right This Moment

Right this moment, yo we're running out of time We'll see if I get to finish this rhyme Life on earth is cursed, the

Slaughter - Heat Of The Moment

Stavesacre - At The Moment

With a sigh I greet the day Feel the morning on my face Weary at the moment I awake But even as I lie A thought

Mark Free - Long Way From Love

Murphy Lee - Record Breaking Record

Mark Murphy - Witchcraft

Those fingers in my hair, That sly come-hither stare, That strips my conscience bare, It's witchcraft. And I've got no defense for it, The heat is too

Tim Murphy - Bottom Of The Fifth