Manowar Heaven And Hell Live In Bucharest At Sonisphere Festival June 25th 2010 Mpg lyrics

Lil Scrappy - Lord Have Mercy

(50 talking) Dear lord I hope you look deep into my heart And know that I mean good And you can forgive me for all my

Accept - Heaven Is Hell

Heaven & Hell - Heaven And Hell

Sing me a song, you're a singer Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil The devil is never a maker The less that

Inferis - Between Heaven And Hell

(L: Contreras-Van Der Stam / M: Van Der Stam) He fell in love with her smile Another day to cry Maybe she'll return He won't taste

Zakk Wylde - Between Heaven And Hell

Dyin' to live, livin' to die Ain't no hellos here, nothing but goodbyes It's like singing a song, cannot be sung It's like having to

Kreator - Servant In Heaven - King In Hell

Some may struggle and some may fall One only follows, another one leads And while some only endure constant slavery Others satisfy their never ending

Volbeat - Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (2011)

Hunter - Between Heaven And Hell

Andralls - Lost In Heaven, Found In Hell

Her Nightmare - No Heaven No Hell

Hell Razah - Underground To Da Heavens

Avoid-A-Void - A Hell Of Heaven

Swallowing Pride - Your Heaven, My Hell

Steel Attack - One Way To Heaven, One Way To Hell

Tarja - Your Heaven And Your Hell

Wanna stay in bed, got a heavy head A sledge-hammer in my skull But I'm scared I'd wind up dead if life should get

Crips - Between Heaven Or Hell

The Who - Heaven And Hell

On top of the sky Is a place where you go If you've done nothing wrong If you've done nothing wrong And down in the ground Is

Elisa - Heaven Out Of Hell

Angus - If God's In Heaven (Why Is There Hell On Earth)

George Strait - She's Playing Hell Trying To Get Me To Heaven

I let it all hang out last night Come in hung over this morning My woman met me at the door Preaching me this warning She

Jack Broadbent - People Live In Hell

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell Live)

The sirens are screaming and the fires were howling Way down in the valley tonight There's a man in the shadows with a gun

Joe Jackson - Heaven & Hell (1997)

4th Disciple & Hell Razah - Underground To Da Heavens

(Sample from some interview) As a writer of young, I know you have influence in your writin (Intro: Hell Razah) Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yo