M 8 L8th L A H Luciferian Aesthetics Of Herrschaft Single 2017 lyrics

Vali Boghean - M-am îndrăgostit (Dintr-o întâmplare)

M-am îndrăgostit dintr-o întâmplare, Dar nu întâmplător te iubesc Nimic nu contează rost nu are, Dar contează că te mai iubesc. Se mai întâmplă că și

Ioana Ignat - Nu ma uita (versuri)

Aud, un glas ce mă trezea cândva de mult Aud, un glas ce nu mai pot acum să-l uit Aud, în cap doar vorbe

Ioana Ignat - Nu mai e (versuri)

Strofă x2 Mi-a spus că mă iubește, Deja a mințit. Mi-a spus că el îmi dăruiește Tot ce alții-au năruit. Mi-a spus atâtea lucruri De la-nceput. Eu l-am crezut… Eu

Akcent - Dragoste de Închiriat

Kylie give me, Kylie give me Astăzi pe la cinci mă văd cu ea Nu știu ce m-așteaptă Poate de la opt e cu-altcineva Iubirea-i nedreaptă Acum

Ciara - Level Up

Five, four, three, two, one Leggo! (watch me) Level up, level up, level up, level up, level up Level up, level up, level up, level

Pavel Stratan - Visul

Aseara am visat un vis frumos, De parca tata inapoi s-o-ntors, Dar cand am vrut in brate, sa-l cuprind, O disparut dar

The Scene Aesthetic - 8 Years Of Science

Elend - The Luciferian Revolution

Flores solis, ardentes in aeternum, Ne secuti sitis fatum floris venenati... Colores delectant, inebriant odores, At siccatur sinus perpetuo lacrimando... Nam angeli cursus firmamentum lacrimarum... I depart

God Dethroned - The Luciferian Episode


Cianide - The Luciferian Twilight

Thy wrath is brought down - down to the grave And the noise of thy viols... How art thou - fallen from heaven, O

Centurian - Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught

Meet god's children Slay them, drink them Get drunk on the love that flows out of them Damned are the newborn lambs of god They shall

Soul Embraced - The Luciferian Alliance

Secrecy, systematic deception Domination of humanity Forging a new world order From thrones of skull and bones Screams of human sacrifice Echo through the grove A ritual for

Inquisition - Empire Of Luciferian Race

Rise... pagan ones Rise... satans sons Rise... shields and swords Rise... sounds of war Destroy realms of light Burning heavens throne Reigning ancient ways New world here to stay Satan

Elend - The Luciferian Revolution/en

Flowers of the sun, you who glow for eternity, Do not follow the fate of the poisonous flower... Her colors captivate, her scent inebriates, But

Boomkat - B4 It's 2 L8

I won't break I might bend But I won't break Spinning 'round I hit the ground And lift back up to see Well nothing's changed It's all the same Why

Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody

You're the antibody I never thought I would make it With all these sores on my chest Despite my self-medication The plague was filling me in I

Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman

I got a crush on a pretty picture, She's got style when she wears a frown, She's got me, Well I'm going nowhere, Oh please, Proceed, We're going

Aesthetic Perfection - Sacrifice

It's just a question of time before I forget Who you are and what it was to me I can't pretend to understand a

Aesthetic Perfection - LAX

"Beyond the mountains, Before the sea, above the peasants, below the kings Exists a world much like a dream, some call it heaven...

Aesthetic Perfection - Showtime

You've paid and you've suffered, Been everyone's fool, You beg to be noticed, Your licking your wounds, You wait and you wonder how, "Was it any use?" Try

Aesthetic Perfection - Happily Ever After

The bells ring high above, rejoice with us It's all so wonderful, there's no fear Our glasses raised a toast, to happiness We are but

Aesthetic Perfection - One And Only

My heart is shifting, Back to the one who's calling out to me, She ties a tourniquet around my neck, Cold embrace but warm caress, My

Aesthetic Perfection - Spit It Out

Hey you, this is for you all You've given me the sense to be Thank you, thank you This is my chance No heart, nobody, no

Aesthetic Perfection - Pale

Let's dispense the formalities, If it's all the same to you, If you can tell a lie without thinking, Save your breath for church. Why don't

Aesthetic Perfection - Surface

It's become clear that no one knows I'm coming apart See, pride means nothing when you're crawling on the ground If only you'd see,

Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough

I sweep across the land in vain, Like locust swarming in the breeze, I want for nothing yet I keep, Exercising futility. Success is ashes on

Aesthetic Perfection - DAF

I'm DAF, Drunk and fucked up I'm DAF, Drunk and fucked up I'm DAF We're in the club With the lights down low Welcome to deadbeats to see the

Aesthetic Perfection - Lovesick