Let Me Go Feat Florida Georgia Line Watt Hailee Steinfeld Alesso lyrics

Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso


Lady Gaga Vs. Lord Gaga lyrics - Key Of Awesome

Lady Gaga (gaga) And Lord Gaga (gaga) Lady Gaga (gaga) And Lord Gaga (gaga) Lady gaga: It's the future, and everything is wierd Check out this guy, he's

Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso - Let Me Go

Hailee Steinfeld: You made plans and I, I made problems We were sleeping back to back We know this thing wasn't built to last Good on

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

Baby you a song You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise Hey baby Yeah, when I first saw that bikini top on

Florida Georgia Line - Never Let Her Go

I can see us there on a summer night With a blanket down, lookin' up at the starry sky So in love that goodnight

Florida Georgia Line - Anything Like Me (2010)

Hailee Steinfeld - Let It Go

From walking home and talking loads To seeing shows in evening clothes with you From nervous touch and getting drunk To staying up and waking

Hailee Steinfeld & Grey - Starving

You know just what to say Shit, that scares me I should just walk away but I can't move my feet The more that I

Florida Georgia Line - What Are You Drinking About

Well hey girl, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this? With lipstick on the edge of your cocktail glass,

Florida Georgia Line - Bumpin' The Night

The week was long But now it's gone, the drink is gone So fill your cup and turn the good time music up Pick up

Florida Georgia Line - Dayum, Baby

Wait baby, listen you got me twistin' watching you sippin' on that drink I saw you smile back and I didn't miss that

Florida Georgia Line - Smoke

Laying back against this windshield Parked out in this Georgia red field This is where we burn our summer nights Moonlit lipstick kisses on the

Florida Georgia Line - Dance For Me

It's not too late Let me take you on a midnight drive I might sound crazy baby Maybe somewhere under the stars In my car, in

Florida Georgia Line - Smile

Got on my smell good, got a bottle of feel good Shining my wheels good, you're looking real good Take a stack of cash

Florida Georgia Line - Angel

I know you love a little late night Just me and you glowing with the brake light Silhouettes sipping with a halo Anything you want,

Florida Georgia Line - Black Tears

She puts on her work clothes, fishnet pantyhose, She's got a nickname that everyone knows at the Gentlemen's club She clocks in at midnight,

Florida Georgia Line - Every Night

I don't want to wait until it's Friday Before we hit it sideways I'm out in your driveway right now And we ain't gotta wait

Florida Georgia Line - Country In My Soul

Eah, I like a little Captain in my coke. You know I like a little good time in my smoke, With a pair of

Florida Georgia Line - You're Country

If you're anything like me You like jacked up trucks Four-wheel drives And loud straight pipes And a big tool box You like to ride around town With

Florida Georgia Line - Island

Yeah this place is wall to wall, can't barely move, takes fifteen minutes just to get a drink It's crazy here, this crowd

Florida Georgia Line - Grow Old

Tell me that you love me Say "we'll always work it out" I know it's kinda scary But it's only temporary doubt I've done a lot

Florida Georgia Line - Man I Am Today

It's a kiss from Katie on the swing set When I was in 3rd grade Teacher makin' me sit from recess When I would misbehave It's

Florida Georgia Line - Now That She's Gone

Well she always had a way of getting her way We could never work out if I wasn't willing to change It was always

Florida Georgia Line - Headphones

You were a whip around town Tinted windows down Alabama bound Dixieland delight You were a summer silhouette A Sunday cigarette A hand me down cassette A turn on