Knockin Boots Luke Bryan lyrics

Luke Bryan - Baby's On The Way

Luke Bryan - Baby's on the Way I ain't been doin' to right Since I met her last night Some kinda burnin' breakfast lost at

Bryan Adams - I Hear You Knockin'

You went away and left me long time ago And now you're knocking on my door I hear you knocking But you can't come in I

Luke Bryan - You Make Me Want To

You make me want to hold you like a hammock on a summer day Tell you how I'm gonna take your cares

Luke Bryan - Chevrolet

Luke Bryan - Chevrolet I'm gonna find a way to love again I'm on the winnin' stretch of a losin' end Foot on the gas,

Luke Bryan - Stuck On You

I hear you found one Heard hes a good one Livin' out all your dreams Give it some time girl You'll come to find You shoulda just

Luke Bryan - Apologize

I'm holding on your rope Got me ten feet off the ground I'm hearing what you say But I just can't make a sound You tell

Luke Bryan - I Did It Again

It took me and four of my buddies Half the night to pull out my truck I stood there and proclaimed to everybody It's the

Luke Bryan - Chuggin' Along

Some days you got it all together You swear you have it figured out Other days you're stumbling and a wondering What the hell it's

Luke Bryan - Pray About Everything

Time is tight and money's short River's up and the weatherman He's calling for another storm Pressure's on, the margins thin Gotta figure out a fix

Luke Bryan - Scarecrows

We didn't have no downtown strip We'd all pile in and take a 2 mile trip To where the road runs out Sit there and

Luke Bryan - Buddies

Buddies They roll up in the mornin' And hand you a coffee Tell ya hurry up The fish ain't gonna wait on you Buddies They don't give you

Luke Bryan - Strip It Down

Let it fade to black Let me run my fingers down your back Lets whisper, let's don't talk Baby, leave my T-shirt in the hall Like

Luke Bryan - Move

Your mama packed y'all up and moved you to the south Backed a U-Haul cross a one-tree yard To a tin roof shotgun house You

Luke Bryan - Good Directions

I was sittin' there, sellin' turnips on a flat-bed truck Crunchin' on a pork rind when she pulled up She had to be thinkin'

Luke Bryan - Small Town Favorite

Luke Bryan - Small Town Favorite How do you turn a scholarship down, Tear up a ticket, already punched, And watch a dream die? Who's gonna

Luke Bryan - Your Goodbye Wasn't Good Enough

Luke Bryan - Goodbye Wasn't Good Enough Standin' right there, awake and aware, I heard the words right off your lips. The meanin' was clear,

Luke Bryan - Ya'll Can Have This Town

Luke Bryan - Y'all Can Have This Town One pool hall and a rundown cotton gin. "Come Back Soon" hand painted on a grain

Luke Bryan - Over The River

There's a bonfire burning. Got Bocephus blaring louder than allowed out in our neck of the neighborhood. If you wanna see follow me over

Luke Bryan - The Car In Front Of Me

Homecoming parade, you were the queen I was riding right behind you with the rest of the team Saw my ring on your finger

Luke Bryan - I'll Stay Me

Luke Bryan - I'll Stay Me T-shirt, blue jeans don't like much on TV Caviar and a Triscut ain't no redeye gravy on a

Luke Bryan - Tackle Box

Luke Bryan - Tackle Box It was two shades of brown, scratched-up plastic. It held extra line, lures, hooks, and matches. And his last name

Luke Bryan - Welcome To The Farm

We've been up here in this city. Livin' in the grease and grime. Girl it's a doggone pity We haven't been gettin' any time. I've been

Luke Bryan - Doin' My Thing

I'm walkin' down the stree, shufflin' my feet Whistling a feel good song Got the sun on my face, nothin' in my way So I

Luke Bryan - Every Time I See You

It's Like a bolt of lightning hits me in my chest Right out of the blue Every time I see you Every time I see