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Katy Perry

Katy Perry (born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on 25 October 1984) is a singer/songwriter from Santa Barbara, California, United States. Perry's success was so sudden in 2008 it seemed as if she was an overnight success when the opposite was true. The daughter of Pentecostal pastors, she was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Raised by born-again parents, Katy was initially attracted to gospel music, sometimes sneaking pop music in to balance the inspirational tunes, but when she first started singing it was in the church. She picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and soon started writing songs, pursuing a music career in earnest when she was 15.

LMFAO - Hot N Cold (Katy Perry Remix)

You, you, you, you (x4) You, change your mind Like a girl changes clothes Yeah you, PMS Like a bitch, I would know And you over think Always speak

3OH!3 - Starstrukk (Feat. Katy Perry)

3OH!3: Nice legs, Daisy Dukes, makes a man go... That's the way they all come through like... Low cut, see through, shirts that make ya... That's

Zedd & Katy Perry - 365

Waking up next to you in the middle of the week Never needed anyone to send me off to sleep And I know I

Celebrity *** Scandal - Ode To Katy Perry

Fantasies of flesh flood my mind Satan on my shoulder whispers its time Take a little pill and drop it in No remorse and yet

Katy Perry - Swish Swish

They know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the fuck? Katy Perry A tiger Don't lose no sleep Don't need opinions From

Calvin Harris - Feels

Hey! Well nothing ever lasts forever, no One minute you're here and the next you're gone So I respect you, wanna take it slow I need

Woe, Is Me - Hot N Cold

You change your mind like a girl changes clothes Yeah, you PMS like a bitch I would know And you always think, always speak

Selena Gomez & The Scene - Rock God

Preacher man walked into the club and he said, He said "Hey girl can't you walk and not stray?" Father I'm torn and I'm

Katy Perry - California Gurls

Snoop Dogg Greetings loved ones Let's take a journey. Katy Perry I know a place Where the grass is really greener Warm, wet, and wild There must be something

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

There's a stranger in my bed There's a pounding in my head Glitter all over the room Pink flamingos in the pool I smell like a

3OH!3 - Starstrukk

Nice legs, Daisy Dukes, makes a man go... That's the way they all come through like... Low cut, see through, shirts that make ya... That's

Katy Perry - Euphoric

American Heritage With our focus on making sure out site loads extremely fast, its no surprise that one of our most popular sections

Katy Perry - Greenselves

I know about greenselves, and know it right here. (right here) And I know that is a gatorader. And see an day! They had contest

Katy Perry - Rush

(Feat. Ferras) I kissed your sweet lips I floated so high Your eyes looked at mine The world froze in time What is this feeling? I am on

Katy Perry - Weigh Me Down

We're looking in the same direction But you don't see what I see Just a half moon in your perception It looks full to me Oh,

Katy Perry - In Between

You come over, don't talk Turn the TV on, off Disconnected, I'm effected Better take the call Showed you pictures of my hometown A pin could drop

Katy Perry - Diamonds

I've got people to see Places to go Deadlines to meet A reputation to up hold It's like a ton of bricks Breaking on my back It's like The

Katy Perry - Hook Up

Oh, sweetheart Put the bottle down You've got Too much talent I see you Through those Bloodshot eyes There's a cure You've found it Slow motion Sparks you caught that chill Now don't

Katy Perry - Time's Up

I've played the song, Now it drives me crazy I've run the race Now I'm too damn lazy This love of ours Is a fading photograph

Katy Perry - Box

I was living in a small mind with no lifeline And no messages can reach me from the outside When I looked out over

Katy Perry - That's More Like It

When I wanted you You would not reciprocate When I needed you You would always show up late But things have changed And I've got the upper

Katy Perry - Takes One To Know One

What are you lookin' at? (Yeah) I saw this coming From a mile away I saw a crack In the egg A little rip In the page I found Your necklace On

Katy Perry - It's Okay To Believe

This was big for us Forever changing you and me Allow me to be ambiguous Though I can't stand ambiguity I'll beat around this burning bush Trying

Katy Perry - I Can

I was raised on Sundays and one ways A room with glass stained views Picture perfect washed in the words That were my only