Jason Aldean lyrics

Jason Aldean

For anyone looking to brand Jason Aldean as part of a significant musical movement, good luck. There’s a lot about the singer that’s become familiar during his five years as a country hitmaker, after all, he has spent more weeks at #1 on the radio charts than any other country artist in the last 12 months. But none of what he does comes out quite like anyone else. The blues-tinged licks at the end of his phrases—there’s a ring of familiarity about them, but you can’t really link them to another artist. The smoky guitar riffs that have become a signature—they’re built on sounds that have come before, but they don’t really belong to anyone else in the country genre, either.

Jason Aldean - 1994

Now girl I know you used to the same old same But we ain't floatin' that boat, no we ain't ridin' that train Hop

Jason Aldean & Kelsea Ballerini - First Time Again

The mention of your name That's all it takes My heart re-breaks My whole world shakes And it's flashback driveway pouring rain Nothing I could do nothing

Jason Aldean - Jason Aldean (2005)

Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay

I really hate to let this moment go Touching your skin and your hair falling slow When a goodbye kiss feels like this Don't you

Jason Aldean - The Truth

Tell 'em all I'm on vacation, Say I went to visit friends, That you ain't heard or seen from me in quite a while, When

Jason Aldean - Grown Woman

Pain It's only a little pain, It'll be gone in a couple o' days, Or maybe a life or two, Heart It's only

Jason Aldean - Truth

Tell 'em all I'm on vacation, Say I went to visit friends, That you ain't heard or seen from me in quite a while, When

Jason Aldean - The Best Of Me

I found a box of memories Read a letter dropped a tear where you signed your name And turnin' the page smearing the ink

Jason Aldean - Fast

Goodbye crack of dawn, Goodbye harvester, And goodbye hello baby, After a long hard day, Of plowing dirt, Goodbye way of life, Goodbye pass it down, Goodbye up all

Jason Aldean - On My Highway

On my highway the yellow lines, Have disappeared from time to time, And I've wound up on the wrong side of the road, On my

Jason Aldean - Keep The Girl

This life is full of choices, Hard to make one all the voices, In my head, Those blue eyes I'm in love with, Or that highway

Jason Aldean - This I Gotta See

I can't count the barns I've past, Painted red, white and black, See rock city, And up ahead there's a turn, Take me right through Gatlinberg, I

Jason Aldean - Wide Open

The corner cafe, She scrapes some quarters off the table, Says thanks yeah now maybe I'll be able, To get that black Mercedes, I've been saving

Jason Aldean - Love Was Easy

It seems like money, Is always on our minds these days, Make more spend more, Worry how the bills will get paid, Oh it

Jason Aldean - Don't Give Up On Me

I don't go to church enough, I curse out loud I drink too much, I'm more of a sinner than a saint, Gotta dusty bible

Jason Aldean - Crazy Town

Roll into town step off the bus, Shake off the where you came from dust, Grab your guitar walk down the street, Sign says

Jason Aldean - Lonesome Usa

I drove half way to town last night And I turned around In a field of fireflies makin' such a lonely sound As my headlights

Jason Aldean - Whiskey'd Up

I can twist the top off a 12-pack of longnecks Get my redneck on baby all night long with the boys And never even

Jason Aldean - I Took It With Me

When I passed that city limits sign I knew that I was finally on my own So I put my foot down on the

Jason Aldean - Too Much You For Me

Funny thing about a small town Your life goes by as you're drivin' out The house you were livin' in the barn that we

Jason Aldean - Pretty Cowboy Lady

Well she walked into the joint... Lookin' like a million dollars... From the brim of a Stetson hat... To the heels of her Tony Llamas... She

Jason Aldean - Bad

When you're good, girl you're good Doing every little thing exactly like you should So sweet, with your angel eyes just killin' me On the

Jason Aldean - They Don't Know

They call us a two lane just passing by slow down town Yeah they say what's there to do when you ain't got

Jason Aldean - Why

It's 3 A.M. and I finally say I'm sorry for actin' that way I didn't really mean to make you cry Oh baby, sometimes I