Intro Dlya Stas Dj Loloni lyrics

DJ Shadow - Outsider Intro

In the twilight of a time There emerges a need for man to comprehend his own bitter fate Finally resigned to the inevitable beyond,

DJ Fresh - X Project (Intro)

Arcade machine: Welcome Earthling. Insert coin to play. That was a legendary deed. Save rest for base supremacy. You were defeated. You need more base.

DJ Fresh - Funk Academy (Intro)

DJ Shadow - Letter From Home Intro

DJ Khaled - (Intro) I'm So Grateful

Never let me down For the kings have decreed (bless thy soul) Righteousness shall be Show us thy love, oh Have mercy upon thy soul Never let

DJ Quik - Rhythm-Al-Ism (Intro)

Talking: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pimps playas and women of the night, Welcome to the world of Rhythm-al-ism. Now since this is my

Justin Bieber - The Intro

What up guys, this is Justin Bieber. And this is the best DJ in the whole world. His name is DJ Tay James. He's

Fiva MC & DJ Radrum - We Simply Bring It (Intro)

Joe Cassano - Dio Lodato Per Sta Chance

DJ Bobo - Intro

Take the power And enjoy the dance hour You're now entering the world Of today's technology This is a special tribute To all the party people Around this

DJ Khaled - Intro (We The Best)

DJ Khaled: Tryin' to talk to 'em... When there's no more music left And the lights go out, all you hear is silence I'll be that

DJ Clue - Intro

The prfecional yah part one yah yah this iz it it comes yah yah yah lets go

DJ Encore - Intro


DJ Khaled - Intro

Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo Ay yo yo yo yo Ay yo Missy I just came out here a hour and