Foster The People lyrics

Foster the People

Foster the People is an indie rock/indie pop band that formed in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2009. The band consists of Mark Foster (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Cubbie Fink (bass, vocals) and Mark Pontius (drums). The band released their debut self-titled EP in January 2011. The band's debut full length album, Torches, was released on May 24, 2011 on Star Time/Columbia. Their first single "Pumped Up Kicks" was a sleeper hit during the summer of 2011 and peaked at #1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart, #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #18 on the UK Singles Chart.

Watsky - Pumped Up Kicks Remix

I've been on the blacktop Steady throwing elbows Ever since I was was in corduroys and velcros Ever since you did your impression of Melrose Pace A

Foster The People - Downtown

Hey turn around man I'm gonna take you downtown You wanna grab the sac go ahead and do it My fear and doubt is

Foster The People - Ruby

And there she goes She was sitting really nice with her head full of advice from friends She walks around She tries to rearrange, but

Foster The People - SHC

(Omnipotent, omnipotent) You are our secret It's worth keeping And now I'm keeping my mouth shut On the weekends I won't hang out with anybody else The pavement Always

Foster The People - III

If age is a trap I wonder why I hold back Mistakes, mistake to make me laugh Only time can answer that Sail on in Beautiful is

Foster The People - Love

Hello, my name is Mark I play gentlemen's games And I just slip through and creep in Through the night's parade I shake a hand or

Foster The People - Sit Next To Me

Yeah it's over, it's over I'm circling these vultures Got me praying man this hunger Feeling something rotten Last time I saw you said “What's up?” And

Foster The People - Waste

I'll hold your hand when you are feeling mad at me Yeah, when the monsters they won't go And your windows won't close I'll pretend

Foster The People - Miss You

Forget your problems You lay it down, they start up The innocence of what you are Is what I want I've ran my colors Dripped down and

Foster The People - Ask Yourself

Well, I've tried to live like the way that you wanted me to Never needed the proof, just followed the rules Well, I pick

Foster The People - Warrant

Well, I've been judged I've been a bug unknown I know all about it But my heart is strong I've been away Been running to

Foster The People - Nevermind

Well, let's take off from the start I know you've tried all this before And did your best to fight the war and break

Foster The People - I Would Do Anything For You

Never wanna stand up for myself Never wanna get in the way, I said it I don't know what the plan is But you can

Foster The People - Houdini

Rise above, gonna start the war Oh, whatcha want, whatcha need, whatcha come here for? Well, an eye for an eye, and an 'F'

Foster The People - Are You What You Want To Be?

Foster The People - Call It What You Want

Call it what you want, eh, eh, eh Call it what you want, eh, eh, eh I said, just call it what you want,

Foster The People - Orange Dream

Doctor Afro Mal-Funkenstein Doctor Funkenstein

Foster The People - Tabloid Super Junkie

Reversed: Send in a dollar Send in a dollar if you want to contribute to the American Health Association Well, the capitalistic feast has been

Foster The People - Broken Jaw

Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah I've broken every law All the words come out my broken jaw I don't know anything But then I act like

Foster The People - Lotus Eater

Well I could never be like you I don't ever talk like that Smiling with a sparkling drink And stumbling in your lipstick mess Molly was

Foster The People - Doing It For The Money

Just close your eyes We're gonna run this blind We live our lives Yeah, we're not wasting time Maybe we lost our minds We're gonna get, gonna

Foster The People - Pay The Man

What you need? What you need? What you need, man? What you need? What you need? Yeah, what'd you see? What'd you see? Yeah, oh

Foster The People - Harden The Paint

Face me and embrace the pressure We were made for another time (When you need me I'll be there) (Say my name, yeah I'm right

Foster The People - Time To Get Closer

I had been hopeful that I would have the time to get closer to you If you wanted me to I feel like crying the