Feel It Still Portugal The Man lyrics

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man is an experimental indie rock four-piece centered on frontman John Baldwin Gourley’s abstract musical approach and corresponding upbringing. He was raised in a sort of technological isolation: his log cabin home in the winter wasteland of the fringes of Wasilla, Alaska was powered by a generator and had no telephone. Both of his parents helped completely immerse him in the unique lifestyle that comes with a land of seasonal darkness and perpetual cold with their jobs as dog sled mushers. Gourley’s innate curiosity and individual spirit combined with a fascination with science fiction and experiences of homelessness create a distinctly transcendent sound that is always open to interpretation and change.

Post Malone - Rockstar

Ay, I've been *****' hoes and poppin' pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar Ay, ay, all my brothers got that gas And they

G-Eazy - Power ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo

[Chorus: P-Lo] Ooh, I'm high off the power Ooh, she gone off the powder Ooh, she want it up louder Yeah, yeah, I'm high off the

June Marieezy & Fkj - Amsterjam

Lyrics When you call my name When you love me gently When you're walking near me Doo doo wah I'm in really love

Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still

Can't keep my hands to myself Think I'll dust 'em off, put 'em back up on the shelf In case my little baby girl

Portugal. The Man - Atomic Man

You’re feeling tired, I know three's a crowd But if I bring along a friend it’ll be fine for now Man I can’t help

Portugal. The Man - Woodstock (2017)

Portugal. The Man - Number One

Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Sometimes I feel like a motherless child A long way from my home Sometimes I feel like I'm

Portugal. The Man - Smile

Ooh Ooh I don't need to talk about the world, alright? I just want to sleep with a smile tonight And I don't want to talk

Portugal. The Man - Do You

Do you understand the people that we are Do you believe right from the start Do you see that everybody needs Do you feel when

Portugal. The Man - Waves

You can't fight a war with nobody to fight back But if we get to digging to the bottom of the stack We'll sell

John Mayer - Still Feel Like Your Man

I still feel like your man I still feel like your man I still feel I still feel I still feel like your man The prettiest girl

Portugal. The Man - My Mind

Stepping steps of floating floats That float above such shining notes, They know just where we should rest. Policed and waiting patiently, We knew where we'd

Portugal. The Man - Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)

This can't be living now If so then show me how We'll shake, shake, shake the night away We shook, shook, shook, the night away Want

Portugal. The Man - Share With Me The Sun

Share with me the sun You forget sometimes it's yours Can't you see you're not the only one The doors all lead outside Feel it soak

Portugal. The Man - It's Complicated Being A Wizard

Try and always find you Where sheep's shed friendly information Slowly spout back, sifting Through patient air their Legs are bending Back to find the roots where Offer

Portugal. The Man - Hard Times

I was shaking from the neck down, Shaking down, down to my toes. Wondered if I'd ever feel that cold again, If I'd ever see

Portugal. The Man - Sugar Cinnamon

Did you ever see anyone? (Sleepin' on the streets) Did you ever know anyone? (Sleepin' on the streets) Slip out your arrows in tongues, Oh

Portugal. The Man - The Pushers Party

I'm paper love Sure you're up My hand, the sun Your mouth, your love Purple skies (yellow green trees) Dripping down (through the colored streets) Press your

Portugal. The Man - Creep In A T-Shirt

I’m sorry Mr. Policeman If I wanted to talk, I would’ve called a friend Don’t worry when I get back home I’ll just stay in

Portugal. The Man - Sleeping Sleepers Sleep

Shave our heads strip our clothes Burn them books but the mind still grows A sheltered mind with fears of rings Fear of time and

Portugal. The Man - Noise Pollution

Hello, I'm, hello, I'm, hello, I'm Hello, I'm introducing Hello, I'm introducing Live leak the revolution Go stream it now on demand (New world distribution) Let's make low

Portugal. The Man - Mr. Lonely

(New York City 1977) Are you living your teens in a shed? Is growing up giving you the bends? Is my little sunshine getting jealous

Portugal. The Man - Holy Roller (Hallelujah)

Another day in the sunshine Another day in the clouds Yesterday hit the fork in the road And that road only leads me home Another day

Portugal. The Man - Modern Jesus

Come on in, take a seat next to me You know we got, we got what you need We may be liars preaching to

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

Your mama's got nothing on me Your daddy's got nothing on me And the world that sleeps in its lunacy It's got nothing on me No

Warner Mack - To Make A Man (Feel Like A Man)

The man you've got loves to be at home and I like to wear the breaches I don't like doin' women things like

Portugal. The Man - 1989

I was born in 1989, All we could do. No shakes or coughs or burst relief Or lists of all our things, Just minutes making minds. I