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Jason Aldean

For anyone looking to brand Jason Aldean as part of a significant musical movement, good luck. There’s a lot about the singer that’s become familiar during his five years as a country hitmaker, after all, he has spent more weeks at #1 on the radio charts than any other country artist in the last 12 months. But none of what he does comes out quite like anyone else. The blues-tinged licks at the end of his phrases—there’s a ring of familiarity about them, but you can’t really link them to another artist. The smoky guitar riffs that have become a signature—they’re built on sounds that have come before, but they don’t really belong to anyone else in the country genre, either.

Jason Aldean - 1994

Now girl I know you used to the same old same But we ain't floatin' that boat, no we ain't ridin' that train Hop

Jason Aldean - Fast

Goodbye crack of dawn, Goodbye harvester, And goodbye hello baby, After a long hard day, Of plowing dirt, Goodbye way of life, Goodbye pass it down, Goodbye up all

Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay

I really hate to let this moment go Touching your skin and your hair falling slow When a goodbye kiss feels like this Don't you

Jason Aldean - Don't Give Up On Me

I don't go to church enough, I curse out loud I drink too much, I'm more of a sinner than a saint, Gotta dusty bible

Jason Aldean - Crazy Town

Roll into town step off the bus, Shake off the where you came from dust, Grab your guitar walk down the street, Sign says

The Whiskey Bards - Women, Whiskey & War

We're back from the battle and looking for fun We're tired and we're sore and we're parched from the sun We need barmaids and

Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert - We Were Us

Rearview crosses Railroad ties Oh, Hail Marys Friday nights Heartbeat baby Low-beam lights God, I miss when you were mine Back when that song was a song I could sing

Jason Aldean - Church Pew Or Bar Stool

Not a whole lot going on, a small town Friday night Revving up at a red light, on your mark get set go Past

The Whiskey Bards - Tully Dew

The Whiskey Saints - Every Little Thing

Jason Aldean - Do You Wish It Was Me

Jason Aldean - Drink One For Me

Jason Aldean - Feel That Again

Jason Aldean - Days Like These

Jason Aldean - Gonna Know We Were Here

You got the gas I got the matches We gonna turn this town to ashes 'Cause they ain't never seen nothing like us Ain't heard loud

Ben & Jason - Romeo & Juliet Are Drowning

Jason Aldean - Burnin' It Down

You slip your finger through the tear in my t-shirt You stirrin' up dirty in the back of my mind You keep on flirtin'

Jason Aldean - Back In This Cigarette

Jason Aldean - Even If I Wanted To

Jason Aldean - Black Tears

Jason Aldean - Asphalt Cowboy

Jason Aldean - A Little More Summertime

Jason Aldean - Country Boy's World

Jason Aldean - Fly Over States