Didyulya Odin Den V Sentyabre Wmv lyrics

Sleipnir - Vater Odin

Vater Odin hörst Du mich? Vater Odin ich rufe Dich! Vater Odin zeig mir den Weg, entfach das Feuer das die Dunkelheit

Waldteufel - Ur-Odin

Bist du noch wirrst du noch fährst noch im Sturm, Sturm? Bist du noch irrst du noch bohrst du noch den Turm, Wurm? Bist

Svartahrid - Under Den Enoydes Trone

Nar vi star pa seiersvoll Hyler fryd over seier Ei tenker vi pa fiendens kolde Nar odin hans sjel eier Nar atter igjen vi skal feire Var

Sleipnir - Heil Den Göttern

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hörst Du unsre Schreie in der Nacht, der Geist unsrer Väter ist erwacht. Wie einst die Kämpfer aus dem hohen

Svartahrid - Under Den Enoydes Trone/en

SpellBlast - In The Name Of Odin

Back in a past time Of heroes and brave dwells Giants and evil ones Were ruling the land A dwarf grabs his great war hammer With fearless

Wizard - Hall Of Odin

A hall of gold, shines in the night A hall for warriors, is our guide For men and women, with honour and pride Where the

Manowar - Sons Of Odin

(Oh) Here to the blaze I wander Through this black night I ponder The edge of our mighty swords Did clash Fallen by our axes Helmets smash Glory and fame Blood is

Folkearth - The Will Of Odin

Stars a' glimmer in a valley sheer, Steel is drawn and shines in moonlight; The heavens quake then pour heavy rain Thunders announce the bloody

Manowar - Overture To Odin


Spectral - Army Of Odin

Wrath is my blade The Gods are my shield By the hammer of Thor You all shall die Unholy swords Eat flesh and bones Your death will be

Den Den - 3rd Coast

Yeah, sup Ro, sup Grace, this your boy Den Den To jump on this track with you boys, knowI'mtalkingbout It's all about the third

Manowar - The Blood Of Odin

Upon his shoulders perch two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. They circle the Earth by day seeing all. At night they report to

Nomans Land - At The Odin's Fest

DoomSword - Resound The Horn

A black host descends Omen of the end Fury and pride at Odin's command Just the mountains can dare to stand Hordes of the gods Almighty force Foreign

Death In June - The Odin Hour

The dawn is ours If the dream is pure Who invites the world To the final cure? If it has to be Then? let it be now Light

Iron Fire - Hail To Odin

(Lyrics and Music: Martin Steene) From the shores of the sea We come not as friends but as enemies Guided by the north star Warriors side

Battle Beast - Bastard Son Of Odin

Conceived by the god of thunder Walking on the earth Born and raised by viking brethren Soon he'll rule the world Master of the sword and

Brothers Of Metal - Son Of Odin

(Ha-ha-ha! Ragnarök!) I am the son of Odin, I bring you lightning from the sky With my hammer Mjölnir, I was born to die Brother

Crystal Eyes - Sons Of Odin

No Remorse - Son Of Odin (1989)

Death In June - Red Odin Day

Take a walk down Heaven Street The soil is soft and the air smells sweet Paul is waiting there and so is Franz Now only