Dhoom Stunts Amazing Mp4 lyrics

Tata Young - Dhoom Dhoom

Dhoom dhoom come and light my fire Dhoom dhoom let me take you higher Dhoom dhoom I wanna feel that burnin' Dhoom dhoom it's a

Stunt Monkey - Suicide

You despair 'Cause life's unfair You've lost the will to try Go ahead Now you're better dead Just shut your mouth and die It's a shame

Stunt Doubles - Relax

Intro: (Soheezy) Stunt Doubles... Alexey on the beat... We do it Chorus: (Ameezy) I do it clubs I do it cash I do it girls I do it

Stunt Monkey - Cartoon

I wanna be a cartoon Then kids would watch me each afternoon I'd live inside your TV The girls are sexy by only 2D My head

Stunt Monkey - Not The One

She's not the one and I know it's got to end How much longer can I pretend? I've got to find the right words

Stunt Monkey - Bulletproof

The things that you said Won't get in my head Can't break my defenses I've been burned So now I've turned Bulletproof Losing you Nothing that I can do Been shot

Stunt Monkey - Knock Me Out

You kicked me out again today I guess I'll sleep alone tonight Why don't you take it all the way When we fight? I know you'll

Stunt Monkey - Alone

I'm having thoughts of you And all the things we'll do You and me will always be Innocent and true This thing that we have

Stunt Monkey - Happy Going Nowhere

Start it up and let it go 'Cause where we're heading I don't know Don't care if we come in last They say we're going

Papoose - Publicity Stunt

You coulda caught him on the back street and semi'd him up But you caught him on front street really to front What type

Stunt Monkey - Handball Queen

Stunt Monkey - High Mass

I had a sixpack in the Sunday morning sun I washed it down with gin and Bacardi one five one I got

Cows - Cunning Stunts (1992)

Mog Stunt Team - Policy Of Truth

You had something to hide Should have hidden it, shouldn't you Now you're not satisfied With what you're being put through It's just time to pay

Stunt Monkey - Your Mom Is Hot

I saw her after school the other day You must be adopted I said I liked her in that special way And that's when you

Stunt Monkey - For The Ear (1998)

Stunt Monkey - Bachelor Pad

We've got a place that we can call our own We've got a place we rent and live there all alone We've got a

Stunt Monkey - Spy Girl

She's the one But she's got a gun And I hold her hand She's got weapons on the nightstand She travels light But just at night Life hasn't

Caravan - Cunning Stunts (1975)

Stunt Monkey - Take Over The World

Stunt Monkey - Do You Know The Way To San Jose?