Ca H Out Beat It lyrics

Ca$h Out

Here is some background information on Ca$h Out from the Cashin Out Songfacts: Fulton County, Georgia Native John “Ca$h Out” Gibson started hustling in the streets at the age of 13 and within a few years he’d accumulated enough money to be able to pay for his own apartment. However, that home turned into a drug haven where narcotics were sold and at 18-years-old, Gibson found himself facing a variety of charges and a decade in jail if convicted. Luckily, he was found innocent and the teenage hustler decided to turn his life around and concentrate on honing his rapping skills. He dropped his debut mixtape It's My Time on October 31, 2011 on Bases Loaded Records and generated a buzz with the infectious club track, Cashin Out . After attracting the interest of the major labels, Gibson elected to sign with Antonio “LA” Reid’s Epic records.

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