Bushido Asylanten Status Wmv lyrics

Bushido - Kleine Bushidos

Ich bin das Original - ich hab damit angefang'. Heute wolln' alle diese Wichser auf die Hantelbank, jeder macht jetzt ein' auf

WhiteHouse - Kod Bushido

(Szad) Silniejszy bądź szybszy, krew rozmarz, pot wytrzyj Noce trzy i dni trzy, nim wyjdzie z ciszy krzyk Wątpliwości pod ich stopy aż po martwy

Bunbury - *** Food (Bushido)

Sentir tu piel besar toda tu miel lamer tus senos entrar en tus sueños abrazar tu voz penetrar en tu pequeño rincón llorar junto a las estrellas más

Bushido - 23 Stunden Zelle

23 Stunden Zelle, Jeden Tag das gleiche, Du warst hier nie drin, also erzähl uns keine scheisse, Jeden Tag das gleiche, Trainieren bist du um fällst, Du

Bushido - 7 (2007)

Bushido - Bushido (2004)

Status Quo - Rock 'N' Me

Well I've been lookin' real hard And I'm tryin' to find a job But it just keeps gettin' tougher every day But I got to

Status Quo - Gerdundula

Love it seems I just can't find Love it seems I just can't find Seems that I'm the one love The one love left behind I've

Status Quo - Down Down

Get down deeper and down Down, down deeper and down Down, down deeper and down Get down deeper and down I want all the world to

Status Quo - I Didn't Mean It

When you say those words, those three little words You're in at the deep end Give up the night times, give up the high

Status Quo - Who Am I

Am I to you a lover or a brother? Am I the one you can rely upon? Am I the one you can take

Status Quo - Over And Done

I really didn't wanna break it, you know I'm sorry it's over and done I really thought we would have made it but

Status Quo - Beautiful

Right from the time when we first said hello Everything's been what it should and even more I couldn't ask for a much sweeter

Status Quo - Little Me And You

I've seen a place in the valley Pinewood floor and roses round the door I'll take you there if you'll have me Maybe we could

Status Quo - I Should Have Known

I found out what I wanted, I found out when I needed to You thought me kind-a-hearted, I heard that when I wanted

Status Quo - Coming And Going

Let me know what I want to know If you really want me don't you let me go And let me see what I

Status Quo - Goin' Nowhere

I'm tired out, my head is aching I wanna shout, but I feel I'm goin' nowhere Yeah, I feel I'm goin' nowhere I've run about

Status Quo - Centerfold

Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she come complete? My homeroom homeroom angel Always pulled me from my seat She was pure like snowflakes No one

AFI - Cult Status

I'll turn you on and switch you right off. I'll make sure you like what you see. Forget all that you once believed. Now you