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Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985 in Waikiki, Hawaii), better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is a Filipino-Puerto Rican American singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist signed to Atlantic Records. He is most well known for his hit Just The Way You Are, which went #1 in 9 countries in 2010. He is also known for singing/co-writing the hooks for the #1 hit Nothin' On You by B.o.B, and Billionaire by Travie McCoy; he also co-wrote the international hits Right Round by Flo Rida and Wavin' Flag by K'naan.

Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

Tonight I just want to take you higher Throw your hands up in the sky Let's set this party off right Players, put yo' pinky rings

Bruno Mars - 24K Magic (2016)

Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man

Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same When our

Bruno Mars - Earth To Mars (2011)

Gold 1, Bruno Mars & Jaeson Ma - This Is My Love

Jaeson Ma Now Hollywood wants to make you think they know what love is But I'm a tell you what true love is Love is

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Today I don't feel like doin' anything I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up my phone so leave a

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild & Free

Bruno Mars: Is this thing on? So what we get drunk. So what we smoke weed. We're just having fun. We don't care who sees. So

Bruno Mars - Bullerproof

Ooh ooh oh oh ooh 2x Oh oh You've been hurt before Girl I know you Your heart's been through the storm and more I can tell

Bruno Mars - Gold

There's no light in this room, It's so bright, we got you, You shine like, oh, oh, oh, oh, You are bright, 'cause I see, All

Bruno Mars - Again

Hands over my head thinking What else could go wrong Would've stayed in bed How could a day be so long? Never believe that things Happen for

Bruno Mars - CleanTreasure

Give me all, give me all, give me all your attention baby I got to tell you a little something about yourself You're wonderful,

Bruno Mars - Tonight

(Bruno Mars: Chorus) Maybe if I jump or spread my wings I know I've been wrong about these things I don't care if no one

Bruno Mars - She Got Me

I gotta find my way out of this hell, you got me into, My baby's sleepin' in anothers bed, It's like I'm dreamin' that

Bruno Mars - Circles

Got me going in circles c-circles My heart is dizzy from you Got me going in circles c-circles Tell me what I'm supposed to do You

Bruno Mars - Dreamtaker

Ooh ooh I used to go out of my mind tryna re define the real meaning of love I lost my dignity forgot about

Bruno Mars - Press It

It's been so long since you been gone, And now we're here The music's on, We're feeling freaky (oh) I want you in my bedroom, You want

Bruno Mars - Never Say You Can't

Oh oh oh oh oh When I was just a little boy Barely strong enough to stand I can always count on him oh He taught

Bruno Mars - The Way You Are

Intro (J. Reyez): All right, I do this for all of you. I make music for love, the love of everything. J. Reyez... Bruno Mars... C'mon! Verse

Bruno Mars - Who Is

Oh, I was perfect For the circus If she dared me, I do it Love makes you stupid I gave it up, But I guess it

Bruno Mars - Move On

How do I end up in the same old place? Faced again with the same mistakes So stop, thinkin' I know what is right But

Bruno Mars - Billionaire

(Bruno Mars) I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad Buy all of the things I never had Uh, I wanna be on the cover

Bruno Mars - Runaway

So easy to forget our love, The little things we do, Like calling for no reason Just to say the words "Baby I love you," I know

Bruno Mars - Mirror

She want me, I want her I'm looking in the mirror at all her curves like Ooh oh, in the mirror like Ooh oh, in

Bruno Mars - Lighters

(Hook: Bruno Mars) This ones for you and me living out our dreams We're all right where we should be With my arms out wide,