Big Bass Dubstep Budstep The Bug Jah War Feat Flowdan Loefah Remix Mp4 lyrics

G-Eazy - Power ft. Nef The Pharaoh, P-Lo

[Chorus: P-Lo] Ooh, I'm high off the power Ooh, she gone off the powder Ooh, she want it up louder Yeah, yeah, I'm high off the

Jah Cure - Like I See It

(Feat. Rick Ross and Mavado) (Jah Cure:) Jamaica, stand up! (Rick Ross:) Yeah! To all rude boys in the capital Cure again (Mavado:) Ye-e-eh Jah Cure: Meet me up in Kingston Put me

Don Johnson Big Band - Jah Jah ***

(Check this) Head first into the fire, See me cursing the entire world I fire bullets out the mouth into a tire wall Empires fall, others

Jah Cure - Run Come Love Me

"Run Come Love Me" (Feat. Jah Mason) Yow yeah man, and a jah cure and jah mason a bless di empress and di princess

Jah Cure - No Friend Of Mine

I don't want them around me 'Cause they ain't no friend of mine And I ain't gonna let them drown me In a corrupted state

The Hobos - Radio Jah Jah (2004)

Barrington Levy - Please Jah Jah

Hey a whoa oah oye Mmm yeah ah aye Whoa oah oye I'm working all day sah In the burning sun Just to achieve some future Every day

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Sorry

Baby I'm sorry For whatever it was I always did The way it went down and it always is The way that I am makes

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Political War

Political War I remember when I was younger The politicians came to my valley They wanted my parents to vote for them And my daddy say

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Can't Tell Me

I like women and I love getting high I like a house and a car just fine but I love Jah and creation too And

Soldiers Of Jah Army - By My Side

I act like I left her, but I really beg her to stay And the more that I press her is the more

Soldiers Of Jah Army - You Don't Know Me

Well, I had one by my side But she only tried to get near me And never ever knowing about my inside... But one that

Groundation - Jah Jah Know

Well now the youth man say, "I have come a long way, between this Earth and zion" And den the warrior say, "I too have

Big Tuck - That What's Up

(Feat. Dre) (Hook: Dre) I got my locs on, even when it's dark I ain't playing Sitting on a hundred spokes, from all this money

Luciano - Call On Jah

Oh Jah the wicked Are upon I and I in their multitude (Wicked are on upon I till I die livin' on I and

Acappella - Talk To Jah

Listen up people and let me tell you 'bout the great one Some call him Jehovah, some call him Yahweh, others call him

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Devils

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Ouvrez Les Frontières

Ouvrez les frontières, ouvrez les frontières Ouvrez les frontières, ouvrez les frontières Vous venez chaque année L’été comme l’hiver Et nous on vous reçoit Toujours les

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Dub In A Time Of War


Soldiers Of Jah Army - Peace In A Time Of War

They say that Bush could be my president But really InI don't care They say Cheney makes my decisions But he don't, so I'm just

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Jah Atmosphere

In Jah Atmosphere Lord, there InI must be V.1What would you do to gain the world? Sell our souls for diamond and pearl? What would you

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Revolution

It takes a revolution To be a solution, yeah For so long I and I feel This country's not a part of me My representatives so

Jonny Z - Puro Latin Bass

(Feat. South Park Mexican) (Jonny Z) Yes yes y'all It's your boy Jonny Z And I got my homie the South Park Mexican And we're gonna kick

Bart Baker - All About That Bass Parody

Because this song's all about being big, suck a d! ck thin people If you are super thin super thin you're evil This catchy