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Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a Grammy award-winning alternative rock band which formed in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The band consists of Dan Reynolds (vocals), Wayne Sermon (guitar), Ben McKee (bass) and Daniel Platzman (drums). The band released four EPs - "Imagine Dragons" (2009), "Hell and Silence" (2010), "It's Time" (2011) and "Continued Silence" (2012) - before releasing their debut full length album "Night Visions" on 4 September 2012.The band's single "It's Time", which previously appeared on the "It's Time" and "Continued Silence" EPs in addition to appearing on "Night Visions", is the group's biggest hit, reaching #33 on the Billboard Hot 100.In a dark kitchen in the middle of a sweaty night in Las Vegas, all 6’4” of Dan Reynolds is hunched over a laptop, slapping beats on the table and crooning lyrics into a tiny microphone.

Imagine Dragons - Believer

First things first Imma say all the words inside my head I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh-ooh The

Imagine Dragons - Thief

If only you You could see The darkest place that you could be Oh maybe then you'd understand From desert heat to cobbled streets From broken home

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

I'm waking up to ash and dust I wipe my brow and sweat my rust I'm breathing in the chemicals I'm breaking in and shaping

Imagine Dragons - The Fall

Maybe I'm broken, maybe I'm wrong I could've spoken sooner than I should've Only the good die old That's what they told me, but I

Imagine Dragons - Imagine Dragons (2009)

Imagine Dragons - I Don't Know Why

We could be strangers in the night We could be passing in the shadows We couldn't be closer if we tried When we're caught in

Imagine Dragons - All For You

I get caught in the water I get torn in the wind I could drown in the river While the sun goes down I get

Imagine Dragons - Start Over

Clenched teeth, no words All this distance taking its toll Speaking volumes, silence screaming over your words I never did you right, I know that Too

Imagine Dragons - Rise Up

I was hoping for an indication I was seeking higher elevation (Ey ey ey, ey ey ey) I've been shaking waking in the night light I've

Imagine Dragons - Yesterday

Here's to my future Here's to my yesterday Here's to change Oh, here's to my yesterday No tomorrow without a yesterday Here's to my future Goodbye to yesterday All

Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry

About time for anyone telling you off for all your deeds No sign the roaring thunder stopped in cold to read No time I get

Imagine Dragons - Levitate

There's so much on my mind I don't know where to start There's that light in your eye filling up the dark Though, I lost

Imagine Dragons - I Was Me

It's just another day It's just another year "One step at a time", they say "One trip, and you're back that way" I don't recognize these

Imagine Dragons - Drive

Get me right, all it takes is silent night I want my eyes to see these lights Hold hold hold on hold hold on But

Imagine Dragons - Uptight

Say goodbye to all your friends They will miss you when this trends I get so uptight, I get so uptight I get so uptight,

Imagine Dragons - Curse

She barely knew your name He was just a city, she's just a dirt road But that never meant a thing Running from the country,

Imagine Dragons - Cover Up

There's lights that line these halls That beckon us to stay A glimmer in the distance That gathers all the stray And when I need it

Imagine Dragons - Selene

To the top of all the world To the tasteless underworld To the center of your heart, oh Cleopatra is the only one you

Imagine Dragons - Gold

First comes the blessing of all that you've dreamed But then comes the curses of diamonds and rings Only at first did it have

Imagine Dragons - Rocks

Where do we go from here? I threw some rocks up at your window I broke some rocks right through your window Timber timber, we're

Imagine Dragons - Summer

If only for a second Let me have you Tell me all your secrets Let me know you Paint me all your pictures Hang them on my

Imagine Dragons - Release

Twenty miles from anyone Set my sights on the setting sun Heaven talks but not to me 'Cause heaven knows that nothing good comes free Desolation

Imagine Dragons - America

Is this just an illusion That I made inside my head to get me by? 20 years in debt 20 years in the government 20 years